Thursday, January 25, 2018

How To Work Your Smart Technology Into Your Home Decor!

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Technology makes our lives easier every day, and by following a few design rules, they can even help liven up our homes! When you think of gadgets like smart thermostats, elegant and trendy (décor-wise) may not be the first qualities that come to mind. Thankfully, installing a new device on your wall or incorporating other technology into your home does not have to come at the expense of exquisite style. Follow these tips to incorporate smart technology into your home’s design.

Reorganize to Highlight Your New Technology

Some technology requires that you make space or reorganize a room. For example, if you get a device that projects information onto a wall, you will need to rearrange things so that the projection will work. You could settle for a blank wall, but there is another option: create a frame around the projection space using simple decorations such as frames and shelves. Arranging the room in this way will give it a unique, practical feeling and create the space needed for the new gadget.

Another option is to feature the technology as an art piece. Many items come in minimal colors and simple, fluid shapes. If you have a modern kitchen or living room, these devices can stand on their own as tasteful and interesting centerpieces.

Go Minimal With Hands-Free Technology

In some cases, the technology informs what design changes are needed to capitalize on your home’s current style. For example, with some hands-free technology (such as wireless sound systems), you can forgo ugly bundles of cables and wall mounts. If a desk or side table is in place to hide all those wires, you can upgrade some appliances to wireless and freely reorganize with no strings attached.

Look for Pieces That Complement Your Existing Space

Thankfully, many engineers know that form is as important as function when it comes to interior design. Self-watering flower pots, smart lights, and even smart shower heads come in an array of looks, meaning you can find one that goes with your existing style. Many smart baby monitors, for instance, are round and have fun, playful designs to fit in with other infant décor. When shopping for smart appliances, consider items that will go with what you already have in place.

Get Creative With Your Wall Space

Many smart technologies, like a security system or smart thermostat installation, will need to find a place on your walls. You can work with these items by incorporating them into a gallery of wall art, or you can add a shelf to house other pieces around the wall-hanging gadgets. A wall shelf can even be used to highlight the new technology while featuring other items, such as family photos, statues, book ends, and plants.

Add Some Design Pop With New Gadgets

Thanks to the modern era of technology, you do not have to comprise on the style you love for the sake of convenience. Follow these guidelines to work smart technology seamlessly into your home décor. Whether you are installing a smart thermostat or redoing the bathroom fixtures, these tips will help you stay connected and chic.

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