Thursday, January 4, 2018

5 Major Ways You Can Improve Your Home!

This post is provided by Tara Desquitado.

Looking for new ideas to spruce up your aging pad? Seeking to modernize your day-to-day life with practical changes at home? Want to change a thing or two about the house to keep it fresh?

Home renovation is a major undertaking that can be as lengthy and expensive depending on your wants. It can also be as cost-effective and practical as you need it to be. Below we will explore some modern, major ideas in home renovation.

1. Going green and environmentally friendly

There is a lot of ways you can go green with your home. Replacing your fluorescent lighting with power-efficient LED lighting is a great start. Replacing your power-hog appliances, such as the refrigerator and air conditioning unit, with more power-savvy, modern models is another way to go about it.

If you are raring to take green living to the next level, consider investing in a solar power system for your home. The investment might be hefty, depending on where you live, but you can gradually recoup it over a couple of years of lower electricity bills.

2. Turning your pad into a smart home

A complementary step to going environmentally green, adopting smart home technologies for your needs can improve the quality of your life greatly. Smart speakers, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, have a lot of functionality that can be nifty in your day-to-day living. These systems have the bonus of being constantly upgraded with more features by both the manufacturer and its users.

Smart lighting options can make the lighting in your home even more efficient, as well as versatile when needed. App-controlled security cameras and locks can immensely improve the security of your household.

3. Improving your home's signal reception

This is doubly important when you have a home office and work at home as a freelancer. Make sure that your Internet connectivity, as well as your mobile reception, are always up to spec with the addition of the right gadgets.

A decent wireless router is a must to ensure that you have good wireless Internet signals all over the house. The larger the house, the more powerful your router should be. This goes the same for a signal booster for your mobile reception. The best cell phone boosters can improve cellular signals in a large targeted area. 

4. Adding a dedicated entertainment room

This room can also function as your event room, in case you want to hold parties or gatherings. An entertainment room should have a big flat screen display for Netflix chilling. It should also have all your analog gaming tables, like a billiards table or an air hockey rig.

Speaking of rigs, this room should also have a couple of desks for laptops and computers. If you have a console or a gaming-grade desktop computer, you might also want to place it in this room. With this kind of layout, you will be ready for impromptu video gaming nights with your buds.

5. Optimizing your storage space

Consider remodeling your pad with more space-efficient shelving and cabinetry. Floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets are an example of how to optimize your storage options.

For storage rooms, you might want to get a lot of those stackable, plastic bins, if you have not already. These bins are generally very durable and when labeled properly, are a great organization solution.

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