Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to maximize small living spaces!

We have all heard about the impossibly small living spaces that landlords are offering these days, especially if you happen to be renting in London.

With that in mind however, there are a few nifty tricks for making the most of the smallest spaces.

Make use of the light

There is nothing worse than a small room without any light. By cleverly positioning windows (if you can) and mirrors, you can make a room look far larger than it actually is.

What's more, when your windows are open, ensure that the entire thing is clear so that nothing is obscured. Instead of hanging your windows inside the frame, consider hanging them from the ceiling so that you can make most of the window.

Install smart drawers and doors

We have all seen them and the truth is that smart drawers that make the use of kitchen spaces can be the best thing ever for rooms (and kitchens) with small spaces. Another idea might be to make use of sliding or bifold doors rather than swinging internal ones. There is nothing worse than having to squeeze through a tight space when a simple sliding mechanism could be used instead.

Invest in a sofabed

For those who happen to be living in a studio flat, a sofa bed might well be the thing for you. Although people often tend to think of sofa beds as uncomfortable, second rate contraptions, the truth is that they are now getting more comfortable and stylish as the years pass.

What’s more, if you are the kind of person who likes watching television in bed, you could even get one of those to save even more space.

Make the most of your storage options

You can invest in some great storage ideas without making your home look cluttered or messy; whether you wish to add a few strategic hooks here or there, or even make use of the space under your bed.

Additionally, more and more people are buying things digitally, whether it is magazines, films or books. If you live in a small space, there is no reason why you can not buy your books online and donate all your old things to charity.

Be strategic with your space

I have recently done my bedroom - it is not huge at all, but I have looked at the room and said, "Right, that is my sleeping space for the bed, that is my storage space for my clothes, and that is my practical space for my dressing table. Once you have 'mapped out' what each corner of the room is likely to be used for, then you can use it to its full potential."

In other words, map out your space with a notepad and clearly define what each area will be used for- you would not live to regret it!

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