Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to create a stylishly comfortable home!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I love all things stylish and beautiful. Life is too short to surround yourself with unattractive things, don't you think?

We all love attractive pieces for our home but let's face it, most of us have a decorating budget to adhere to so buying merely pretty things to decorate our home isn't going to work. My solution? Give your home decor purchases some thought and only buy stylish, decorative items that are both practical and versatile!

Here are my tips to create a stylishly comfortable home! 

1. Decorate with beautiful, unique mirrors that make a design statement! Not only they are decorative in nature, mirrors reflect light and instantly make any room look bigger.

2. Pick a pretty lamp or two. When they are lit, they create a warm and lovely ambiance. When they are not lit, they serve as decorative pieces. Win-win!

3. Hang a big, oversized clock! Not only it's easier to tell time from afar, they make a huge design impact in any room.

4. Get some pretty boxes. Not only do they add some color and visual interest to your vignettes, they hold small items like paper clips, rubber bands, loose coins, keys and other small random items to keep your space looking clean and organized.

5. Get Kleenex Perfect Fit tissuesWith spring season upon us, unfortunately it also means seasonal allergies, so you need to be well prepared!

Sneezing, sniffling and runny noses are common in our household during the spring season so facial tissues really come in handy at the moment. But let's face it, most facial tissues on the market are either ugly, bulky or both! Fortunately, there's Kleenex Perfect Fit, a stylish, prettier option to your regular, boring facial tissues.

I love how Kleenex Perfect Fit slim cylinders fit into small, tight spaces! Its stylish good looks also helps blend into my decor which is always a plus! Remember how I am drawn to stylish, practical products? Now, I don't have to deal with big, boring, bulky facial tissues lying around our house during the spring allergy season anymore!

Here's how I use our Kleenex Perfect Fit!

1. On the nightstand in the master bedroom for those sudden allergy attacks (read: sneezes, runny noses, etc) .

2. On the nightstand in the guest bedroom for our guests' convenience.

3. On my office table, just in case!

4. In our car. We used to have regular, bulky facial tissues on the back of our car but they often fell off the seat and got crushed. With the slim profile of these fabulous Kleenex Perfect Fit, they fit right inside the cup holders. As a bonus, they are easy to reach and not getting ruined anymore since they fit snugly inside those cup holders!

5. I decided to put another Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues at the back row of our car for my son's convenience. These will come handy before and after our son's snacking session!

I hope you find my tips to create a stylishly comfortable home useful. Where would you put your Kleenex Perfect Fit? Don't forget to get your own Kleenex Perfect Fit at Sam's Club. They are available for a limited time only, now through May 31st, 2015 so get yours today!


  1. Great post and I am a lamp addict! I believe Nicole Curtis took similar mirrors shown in top post and hung over built in large mirrors in an ugly bathroom. Mirror on top of mirror. No construction and it was inexpensive.

  2. Wonderful tips. We have one huge mirror and MC is making another to hang over the fireplace. It's so dramatic. I hope I can find those kleenex in stores other than Sams. They are a great packaging idea!

  3. Yes, life is definitely too short to surround oneself with ugly things - absolutely agree. A thing of beauty in a home can bring so much pleasure.


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