Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reasons why shaggy rugs are perfect for winter!

The days are drawing shorter, the night is ever longer. As soon as we enter our homes, we throw ourselves in front of the fire, wrapping our cold fingers round a mug of hot chocolate. On one hand, winter can be a wonderful time; crisp, clear days, maybe the odd flurry of snow but, it can also be grey, wet and miserable.

To offset this greyness and dullness, we turn to the sanctuary of our homes, making them feel and look cozy. Of course, the answer is not just to pump the central heating up to full volume or having a roaring fire in the grate for 24 hours a day, it is about the textures within our home. The fact that we like to sink into the soft, enveloping sofa, wrap ourselves in blankets and just generally feel cocooned within the walls of our home.

But, is there ‘something missing’? Do you look at your lounge or dining room and just feel that it needs something else? Here at the Rug Retailer we know what it is and we have the answer to your conundrum- a range of perfect winter shaggy rugs from which to choose!

Warming up the look and feel of your home

So you have a roaring fire, the central heating is on, the front door is shut against the howling wind and rain, darkness has fallen and, after a long day at work, you are ready to curl up and wallow in warmth, both physical and emotional. Your lounge, dining room, bedroom needs to look and feel the part but if you are stuck as to how to make your home appear cozier and warmer, here are a few ideas.

The shaggy rug

They have impressed people for decades. And they are still impressing people today in the 21st century. Available in a variety of colors and materials, it is no wonder that the modern homeowner is taking another look at the modern shaggy rug and winter seems to be the perfect time to introduce it in to the home.

Satisfying- giving your home an even cozier feeling for the winter months is easy when you know how! The key is to add textures and layers, two things that shaggy rugs do as soon as they are added to a room. What can be more satisfying than the sight of a well-placed, well-sized shaggy rug in a room? We suspect that it is the only thing is the satisfying feel of the rug, especially under bare feet in front of a roaring fire.

Comfort- Winters in the UK can be cold, very cold in fact. But they can also be dull, grey, damp and incredibly wet. Wind howling at the front door is not uncommon and when you have come in from the cold after a hard day’s work, or have survived the crush of the Christmas shopping crowds, you want comfort.

This can be anything from sinking into the sofa, hot chocolate in hand to sinking in to a warm bubble bath; whatever you choose to do to warm you chilled bones and aching feet, it is all about restoring the feeling of comfort and well-being.

A decorated lounge, a roaring fire and accessories, such as throws and cushions that you can sink into, all help in restoring warmth in the mind, body and soul. Who cares if the howling gale is knocking at the door as you are delightfully ensconced in your warm home, your feet warmed and caressed by you shaggy rug.

Colors, design and sizes- The versatility of shaggy rugs lay in the very fact they there are so many colors to choose from, so many designs and so many sizes from delicious small ones for by the bed, to huge rugs to act as a center piece in the lounge this winter. Mixing and matching patterns is also something that your home can benefit from this winter; why not try it?

BUT, are they really for every room in the home?

Many people assume that they only fit for the bedroom. And this may be true for one particular style. The style that we all associated with the 1970s, the fluffy woolly variety that shed its fibers over time; delightful to touch and either light in color (or dyed all kinds of shades) were not considered robust enough for the main areas of the home.

But, there is a new style of shaggy rug and this is a slightly different material, giving a slightly different look; with their fibers pulled and sitting proud, these rugs are slightly easier to keep clean too. They will take the vigor of the vacuum (nozzle only, not the rotating main power head) and can also withstand quite a lot of footfall traffic.

Shaggy rugs are a popular purchase and we think once you have one this winter, you will understand why too. 

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