Thursday, December 4, 2014

Preparing your home for the festive season!

With Christmas just around the corner, thoughts of preparing our homes to make for relaxing and joyful celebrations for friends and family are slowly creeping into our minds. Of course, the more prepared we are, the easier this festive transformation will be. This is why we have compiled some tips to follow in order to create the perfect setting.

Read our top tips below and, if you have any of your own secrets or essential processes to share, pop in a comment below!


Making sure that your house is spotless leading up to Christmas is key to getting your home ready for guests during the holidays. It may be that a thorough clean is needed for a complete house make-over before you start decorating.

If this is the case, you do not need to be intimidated by the time and effort that this will take as there are companies such as Daily Poppins that can undergo this entire process for you. Of course, after this thorough clean, allow yourself enough time each week to keep on top of the housework to ensure that whenever your guests arrive, they will experience your home in all its sparkling festive glory!

The Experience Starts Outside

The first part of your home that guests will see is the outside. This is not only true for friends and family but also for everyone from carol singers to unexpected visits from neighbors or distant relatives. Make sure that your home is seen as the ideal setting for the holidays by decorating the outside with subtle decorations like classic Christmas lights either below your roof or around the window panes.

Another effective way of decorating the exterior is to hang a handmade wreath on the front of your door, adding your own unique twist by changing the traditional circle shape, creating a color scheme or using unusual materials. This simple decoration can add class and style to the first impression that guests have of your home. 

Do Not Go Overboard

One of the most important tips that we could give would be to make sure that you stay classy. There is nothing wrong with your home becoming a host to a variety of festive decorations, whether they are indoors or outdoors, but some subtle rules may help you to stay stylish and steer away from garish. A color theme, not only for your Christmas tree, but for your entire home, will help to create a consistent and warming appearance.

Maybe replace Christmas ornaments with blankets to put on your sofa, or throw away your old tinsel and use garlands instead. See here for a few ideas of how to add style to your festivities with a minimalist approach from a Scandinavian Christmas. 

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