Sunday, December 14, 2014

Festive Christmas wedding ideas!

No matter where you are in the world there is a lot to think about when planning a wedding if you want to avoid getting lost in the clutter of the holiday season. Between Christmas and New Years, your guests will be all partied out, so we have put together some tips to ensure that you get the feel of your nuptials just right to keep everyone smiling.

The décor

The biggest recommendation we have for you is to avoid being too Christmasey. That means no tinsels, no elves, and definitely no Santas! This is not your living room, this is your wedding. Taking the season too literally when deciding on the theme of your wedding is not the wisest idea when everyone is heading into reindeer overload.

Instead, take cues from the landscape and the spirit of togetherness:

- Consider touches like communal tables, better suited to smaller groups. This is the perfect idea for an intimate wedding of close family and friends.

- A Christmas tree is not entirely out of the question, as long as you are careful with decorations. Consider neutral tones (or not decorated at all).

Snow can also add a magical touch to any outdoor ceremony if you can perfect the timing. The effect can also be added to by the addition of crystal tableware during the formal dinner.

Fairy lights can add extra sparkle to outdoor receptions, but we recommend keeping the lights in one neutral color.

- Candles will add a touch of warmth and intimacy to your wedding, especially in the latter parts of the evening following a sit down dinner.

- You can also get creative with centerpieces that incorporate mistle toe, cranberries or pine.

If you are live in a hot climate, choose a venue that combines both outdoor and indoor activities. For example, Bell City boasts garden terraces that can be incorporated into the theme. Alfresco areas for locations that are hot during Christmas open up more possibilities. 

Consider having the doors open during the reception to promote better air flow. You can even scent the air with cinnamon and clove to enhance the feel of the event - this is a fantastic touch that many people forget to consider.

For some last minute extras, why not include a few festive tunes for the dance floor, or add quintessentially festive flavors to the menu. Spiced apple, cinnamon, orange and chocolate are usually a hit on any day, but especially relevant now. 

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