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Travelling In Greece: Tips You Should Not Forget!

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Greece is a popular holiday destination for tourists across the globe, since the country offers a great choice for holiday makers. Holidays to Greece can be quiet and laidback or bustling and vibrant because of the diverse tourist attractions that the country boasts of. Some may be looking for a holiday focusing on the cultural aspects of Greece, while others may just want to bathe in the sun and forget about everyday worries and troubles.

Fact is, Greece offers an unparalleled choice for holiday makers across the world, and there is absolutely a reason why it is known as the cradle of civilization. The country which gave birth to numerous philosophers and artists, to the principles of democracy and to much of the culture in the Mediterranean and the world offers an unparalleled experience for many travellers.

If you are thinking of travelling to Greece in the near future, yet do not know much about the country, you will find these tips useful particularly if you plan on moving around. Keep reading if you are at a loss on how to approach your Greek holiday.


Greece is generally cheap, particularly if you are planning on staying in the lesser known areas of the country. Cheap accommodation could go as low as £30, and dining and wining is even cheaper in some spots. Gyros still remain a widely consumed culinary delight by many tourists, and it is still quite cheap.

Travelling and transportation is also quite affordable, remaining as low as £20 to £30 for a day trip. This depends on where you are travelling but they are generally valid prices still. Trains in Athens could go as low as £1, while an average price for a bus is about £5 or so. Overall, when you are travelling, sleeping and eating you will be able to save up compared to some places in Northern Europe, for instance.

Cost saving tips.

1. Eat in the lesser expensive dining places, which are equally as delicious

2. Avoid busy tourist places like Mykonos, which are overly expensive.

3. Book everything early, from flights to ferries.

4. Do not stick to guided tours but explore more. Getting off the beaten path will prove to be fruitful and save you a bit of money.

Tips on which places to visit.

We can not provide detailed tips on which places to visit since Greece offers an absolutely amount of cultural spots which are must-see. It may be a good idea to start in places like the Acropolis, the Hellenic Festival in Athens, the ruins of Olympia and Meteora Monastery. The amounts of ruins and temples make this country absolutely breath-taking and historic landmarks are all an absolute must.

Lastly, you can also have a good time by the beach so it is not necessary to have a holiday which focuses on culture and history. Enjoy Greece in all its splendours.

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