Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guest post- Maximizing your shower space!

This article is provided by Ella Mason.

Bathrooms should be an area of any house or apartment where you can find a little peace and privacy. Even if you live alone, and have sole ownership of the shower, you may consider the space to be too small, and or in need of updating and modernizing. If this is the case, the good news is that a lot can be achieved in a tight space with a little planning. A good place to start looking for inspiration for shower and bathroom accessories is

A new wave of luxurious, affordable and practical bathroom designs are emerging to accommodate both the joy of sharing and the comfort of space during the morning ritual. They are revolutionising shower styles to enable more to be done with the ordinary home’s bathroom space.

What designs are out there?

Traditionally speaking, shower designs fall into three main areas. These are walk-ins, shower-bath combinations and whole wet rooms. According to House to Home, shower-baths are generally the most efficient in terms of space and functionality. They combine both utilities in an average space of 1.7 meters by 0.7 meters at current British standard bath sizes, as shown on Money Saving Expert. However, if you have your heart set on a walk in cubicle, you may have to forfeit your bath.

Wet rooms are creeping into British bathroom designs from mainland Europe where they have been popular for many years. They are usually open plan with a semi-covering glass panel provided for the shower area alongside tiled floors sloping into centralised drains. If you are lucky enough to have oodles of space you can even have an open shower area with two shower heads on opposing walls, presenting the perfect solution to showering apart-together for both fun and practicality.

Choices, choices.

The bespoke variations you can choose within these three main arrangements are virtually limitless these days. Frosted, mirrored or clear panel glass, heated floors, L-shaped baths affording more space at the shower end, rain showers, mosaic or plain tiles and a whole host of others.

There is a vast array of shower mixers to suit whatever direction you choose to go in. From the thermostatic energy efficient options to the DIY tap-and-hose kits and twin shower head sets. These give you double the refreshment of piping hot water blasting against your skin. You need not panic when it comes to money either. Aside from installation costs, good quality shower mixers scarcely exceed the £120 mark.

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