Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest post- Why self storage might help your design success!

This article is provided by Andre. 

So much of interior design is about space. What do you fill it with? How much of it should remain empty? Making a room or a house look the exact way you want requires a lot of trial and error. There are units for self storage in Atlanta, Austin, Albany—everywhere really that are packed clear full of those errors just waiting to find a good home.

But there is also the process of repurposing space or individual items that frees something from your living area and leaves it in need of a secure home. The point is that things are forever coming and going, and the thriving interior design scene in most cities will feed the process for you year-round. Storage listings in the Atlanta area, for example, reflect that city's overall demand for a place to care for large or delicate items that are standing by for their newest new life. Think about how your decorating plans put you in need of ways to preserve living space. 

I Found It...Now Where Can I Put It?

One of the great ways to create a unique, eclectic décor is to pick up intriguing pieces any time you see them, whether you feel like you have a use for them right now or not. It might be a beautiful tapestry that could one day be the focal point of the room. Maybe it is a versatile table that could go many different directions. Regardless of what you have or where it came from, it is a step on a journey of design, not the destination. It may take you time to complete the picture, and until then you can put it in climate-controlled storage to preserve its condition and beauty. Then when the remaining pieces fall into place, you get everything together and complete the project. 

Of course, you can beg or borrow space at a friend's, or even a cranny at your workplace. But if your goal is to preserve and conserve these items until they can be put into place--and to have an easy process of retrieving them--you will want to store them in a space that is made for storage. There is no need to climb stairs, borrow a key, or worry about theft with storage that is at ground level, climate controlled, secured, and easily accessed at any time (or that has elevators if your unit is in a multi-floored building).

I Like It...Now Where Can I Make It?

Scarlett O'Hara, one of literature’s best heroines, did not let a dearth of available fabric keep her from looking fabulous. She took down the curtains at Tara and fashioned them into a beautiful dress. If you have a habit of tracking down great ideas for making clothing, furniture, or other items and just do not have a place to do it, it might be time to execute an analysis of the rooms in your home and determine which one of them should be emptied to make space for your crafting and other projects.

Or you can work out a compromise. For example, in most cities, the summers are warm and encourage outdoor socializing, so you would not need as much indoor seating. Let summer be your sewing season and keep the room for living space the rest of the year. Whichever duty is off duty, take those items to storage to keep them clean and climate-controlled while they rest for a few months.

I Don't Need It...Now Where Can I Store It?

Sometimes a room or a project just fizzles out, or fades so far from fashion that it is time to hang it up. Your Monet print, the couch you found in your local thrift or antique shop, or maybe just a unique piece that has lost its appeal--you might choose any or all of them for long-term storage in the interest of preserving them until you find a better destination (or until they return to fashion).

Or it may be that corner room that you are not using at all. It is stacked with underused furniture and fills square footage that has so much potential. There may be a great view of a tree-lined street or a beautiful building that would be so perfectly framed from the window, and you just have not made anything of that room yet. Clear out the unneeded items, store them, and create an exciting new space in the area they once wasted.

This is a far better option than selling these items at a loss. Rest assured whether you need self storage in Atlanta, or Boston or Kansas City—the units surrounding yours are likely full of similar items with similar owners, all wanting to make sure that precious items are not destroyed even if they just do not work out in the home anymore.

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