Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Book review: A House In The Country!

Recently, I have received a lovely design book, A House In The Country from The Vendome Press, authored by Anne Walker and photographed by Eric Piasecki, thanks to Meghan Phillips. 

Here is a sneak peek of some of the gorgeous photos you will find inside this fabulous book!

A House In The Country is truly a visual delight! In this book, renowned architect Peter Pennoyer and his wife, highly sought-after interior designer Katie Ridder tell the story of the conception, design, decoration, and landscaping of their dream home. Besides offering a fascinating insight behind two highly creative individuals, this book is also filled with pages and pages of beautifully illustrated photos, interesting architecture, vibrant interiors and detailed documentation of their collaborative work. Trust me, this book will leave you feeling inspired! 

A highly recommended book for all architecture lovers, design aficionados and gardening enthusiasts! Get your copy here!

*I received  this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Gracious, what a colorful and creative home this is !! This book will make a great Christmas gift for the girlfriends, won't it? Great post !!!

  2. ...fabulous...fabulous...fabulous...color...glorious glorious color!...blessings laney


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