Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bedroom hacks: Six ways to organize your bedroom!

This post is provided by Nicholas Wong.

Being organized is not always something that we can all say we pride ourselves on and many of us can do a lot more to be better organized, from sorting out more storage inside our homes through to creating routines for everything from cleaning to exercising. 

It is easy to get a bit messy inside the privacy of a bedroom but with a few strategically placed wardrobes, it is easy to create a better organized space. Good quality wardrobes in Perth and any other major city around the world can be found online but before buying any piece of furniture, it is vital to measure the space to see what will fit where. 

Let us take a look at the top six things that can be done to better organize a bedroom:

Buy A Laundry Basket 

Do not just throw the dirty laundry in a pile in the corner of the bedroom or put it into random plastic bags when it is easy to invest in a proper laundry basket. This helps to keep laundry out of the way and can help to keep the floor clear of clutter. 

Separate Shoes And Clothes 

Buy a wardrobe that makes it easy to separate everything, including the following:

High heels

This makes it easier to decide on an outfit, as everything is clearly laid out. 

Invest In Storage Space

Buy some good quality wardrobe solutions in Perth, London or indeed in any city in the world and get rid of the clutter by storing it away. This can be for anything from magazines to makeup and clothing, and wardrobes come in a variety of styles, including:

Sliding door

Items can be hung, folded or put into drawers and specialist built in wardrobes are perfect for small spaces. 

Create Zones

Set out zones for different items, with one set area for magazines and books, another for makeup and another for perfumes and never allow them to cross over.

Buy Racks And Shelves 

Store things in racks and on shelves, as this will help to keep them off the floor. If clutter has to be on show, then make sure it is in or on something, rather than just strewn on the floor and companies like Lifestyle Wardrobes provide wardrobes in Perth that can be used for things like clothes storage to ensure things are kept out of the view. 

Clear The Clutter

Forget spring cleaning and have a good clear out of clutter at least thrice a year and get rid of everything from clothes that are never worn to old magazines to clear some space. 

If storage space inside the home is an issue, then it is important to ensure that there are enough cupboards and wardrobes in rooms such as the bedrooms, as this will help to keep things like clothes off of the floor and out of sight.

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