Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Turning an extra bedroom into an at-home office or study!

This post is provided by Melissa Frank.

Whether the kids have moved out leaving you with some extra bedroom space, or you have always had that one room that is sat unused (besides housing the occasional guest,) turning an extra space into a usable home office or study is always worth the investment. 

The Color Palette

Take color very seriously as you redesign your guest bedroom into the office or study of your dreams. If you are looking to craft a space that is all about reflective calm, stick to cool grays, blues, and greens. If you need a home office that is going to spark those creative fires, consider a brighter color, like orange or red. Do not underestimate the power of a good coat (or two) of paint. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a new space, and sometimes the shift in color can help inspire the rest of your design structure and plan.


Whether you plan to use the space for serious work or pleasure reading, you will need the right lighting. Use varied levels of light to best fit your needs no matter the time of day. A floor lamp in the corner could provide the perfect ambiance for curling up with an old book, while the right overhead lighting can help you remain focused on the documents you have drawn up for a new client. Check out the lighting options at a site like


The furniture in your new home office or study should be all about comfort. It is also important to consider your aims for the room. Are you creating a space where you can read the morning paper in peace or catch up on all of your favorite literature? Perhaps you are looking to create a functional home office that ups your productivity levels. If it is the former, it is important to look for tailored but plush recliner-style chairs that will keep you cozy and snug while you take in your favorite literature. If it is the latter, look for an ergonomic office chair that will keep your back aligned and your feet firmly planted on the ground while you work away. This will not only improve your posture, but also render you able to focus longer. 

Remain Organized

Although a home office can be the perfect way to still get your hours in without actually heading into the office, working from home can be very distracting. Add clutter to that distraction and you have a recipe for disaster. Cutting down on distraction means getting rid of clutter and staying as organized as possible. Keep work space as clear as possible, filling drawers with organizers to keep all those knick knacks in line, and use vertical shelving to take up as little floor space as possible. Keeping organized will also ensure little hands do not get into anything they are supposed to- after all, working at home means your kids may have access to all of those important documents that should be kept hidden. If you have kids or pets, it is especially important to keep cords contained and tucked away to avoid any dangerous situations. 

The Décor

Do not forget the accents in your new space. Whether you are looking to put in a few extra work hours in on the weekends or utilize your transformed space as a relaxing hangout space, decorations are important and provide the personality that makes any room feel more inviting. If you are looking to incorporate warmth, consider a unique bookshelf filled with all of your favorite titles. If you are looking to craft an at-home office, keep the clutter to a minimum. Seek out statement art pieces that will spur your creativity, and keep decorative objects small and refined. Sites like offer modern, refined décor items that serve practical purposes, and look great simultaneously. 

Transforming an old guest bedroom into an updated study or home office is probably a lot easier than you think. Keep these tips in mind and turn that extra space into something you will get plenty of use from as the years go on. 

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