Thursday, September 15, 2016

Top 5 Household Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid!

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Cleaning your home is one of life's necessary evils. Your house reflects the lifestyle of you and your family, so you want it to look nice. You never know when unexpected guests might arrive, after all. The problem is that your home is huge, while your desire to clean it is not. That is why you may forget to take care of an important chore from time to time. Here are the top five household cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Unclean Doorknobs

You want to prevent household germs from spreading. That is one of the main reasons you clean. The catch is that if you forget to sanitize your most infected areas, you should not bother with cleaning at all. That is why you have to clean your doorknobs.

Think about the people who use your bathroom. Do all of them wash their hands every single time? If anybody forgets just once, they transfer bacteria to the doorknob when they touch it to open the door. Then, that infestation spreads each time someone else touches the knob. The same is true of your front door. People do all kinds of filthy stuff outside, and they do not wash their hands before entering the home. That is why you should strive to wash your doorknobs on a monthly basis. Fortunately, companies like Amway have great surface cleaners that will not only make things look nice, but will eliminate most bacteria.

The Wrong Dust Cleaner

Odds are good that someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma. That makes dust their mortal enemy. It is one of the worst triggers of asthma attacks and sinus issues. You should dust often, but you have to do it right. Too many people use furniture polish as the cleaning agent in the dusting process. That is because such products smell great and add a glossy sheen.

The problem is that they do as much harm as good. Most brands of furniture polish include a large amount of oil, and that is an ingredient that streaks. Using the polish when you dust will cause smears and highlight fingerprints. It will undo a lot of your hard work, demoralizing you about the wasted effort. Instead, simply use a cloth slightly dampened with water, or a product made especially for dusting.

Lack Of Rubber Gloves

Some people hate rubber gloves because of how they feel. Others find them difficult to wear due to their tightness. Plus, there is a loss of sensation when anyone wears gloves. Despite all the aggravation, you must wear gloves any time you clean. That is because the products you use to sanitize your home all include chemicals that can damage your skin. Many of them not only permeate your skin but sink into the bloodstream. You do not want that. Always wear rubber gloves when you use chemicals.

Infrequent Sheet Changes

Presuming you get the recommended eight hours of sleep, you spend a third of the day in bed. Without getting specific about the body, a lot of stuff happens in the bedroom that lessens the cleanliness of the area. Dead skin cells alone make your bed gross after a short time. If you are only changing your sheets monthly, you are rolling in bacteria every night. That is why microbiologists suggest you should change your sheets weekly. It is the healthy thing to do.

Not Cleaning Your Microwave

When something drops on the floor and sits there for hours, do you pick it up and eat it? Of course not. But you are effectively doing something much worse if you fail to clean your microwave consistently. The way you use your microwave explains why.

Every time you want to microwave something, you stick it in the machine, remove it, and eat it. You probably do not even hesitate. Before you repeat this next time, take a moment to look at the inside of your microwave. You will feel a wave of revulsion as you realize you have been putting all that in your mouth. The bacteria inside your microwave eventually dissolve and settle in your food, which is truly disgusting. You will want to clean your microwave regularly to avoid such nauseating meals.

Doing the right chores will go a long way toward sanitizing your home. Avoid the five mistakes above to reduce the amount of bacteria in your home while feeling better about its cleanliness.

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