Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guest post- Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2016!

Kitchen trends to watch in 2016 encompass simplicity, convenience, and color. Though some design trends come and go, these unite classic elements with an innovative approach.

If you are looking for top design trends for kitchen remodels in 2016, we have gathered the most popular updates and upgrades for a fresh new year of kitchen designs. From built-in technology to kitchen and living room integration, you are sure to find ideas you will love.

Kitchens Become High-Tech Spaces

Innovation is everywhere. Now technology is helping make your life easier in the kitchen.

Access your music or recipes with ease on your iPad or tablet with designated docking stations and chargers for phones or tablets. Watch for appliances to take a whole new level of accessibility and innovation with built-in wine coolers, smart coffee makers, or ovens you can control remotely by your smartphone. Clever storage options will make organizing and storing kitchen supplies easier and more convenient than ever.

Classy Metal Accents

Natural, classy metals are making a comeback and expanding beyond last year’s trend of metallic faucets, knobs, and lights to range hoods in metallic finishes. Wood range hoods will likely decline as industrial metal hoods or a combination of both elements reach their peak. With neutral tones increasing in popularity, classic metal touches introduce an elegant contrast to your kitchen.

Commercial Appliances for Residential Uses

You may not be the next Iron Chef, but if you enjoy whipping up restaurant quality fare then commercial kitchen appliances could be for you. A commercial range and extra large refrigerator—along with immense counter space will give you the feel of a professional working kitchen in the comfort of your home. 

Muted Color Palettes and Contrasting Textures

This year, color schemes are seeing a big change. Though white remains popular, the new color scheme for backsplashes and cabinets includes grays, charcoal, tinted white tones, or even neutral pastels such as light blue or green.

Watch for variations in texture to be popular in kitchens. Not necessarily mixing and matching of textures, but also varying patterns of texture. For example, stone can be finished in multiple ways and installed to add slight texture differences in the same space.

Less Is More- A Minimalist Approach

Simplicity is the new definition of luxury. Minimalism will remain popular in 2016 designs with predominately white color palettes, wood textures, and counters without clutter. Furniture and designs mimic ‘60s modern or Nordic styles. These styles focus on simplicity while offering functional options for your kitchen.

Maximize Storage Space

Kitchen storage space seems to be an issue for any size room! But it is especially an issue for apartment dwellers and condo or townhome owners. Because of this space issue, manufacturers and renovation contractors are focusing on increasing storage in areas that also do not take up additional square footage.

Multi-tiered drawers and pull outs that fit in the spaces found in corners or next to appliances are a hot trend to add much needed storage in kitchens.

Integration of Kitchen and Living Spaces
Where do most family or friends congregate in the house? The kitchen. That is why many homeowners are foregoing the traditional dining space and outfitting space near the kitchen with comfortable sofas, chairs, lamps, and rugs.

This trend streamlines kitchen designs while uniting this space with a home’s primary living area. Nothing says “stay awhile” than a kitchen and living space that invites friends and family to rest and relax.

Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen in 2016? Check out some of these trendy ideas for inspiration. A great thing about these 2016 ideas is that they should all stay in style well beyond this year!

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