Thursday, February 11, 2016

Guest post- Bathroom Makeover Dilemmas - Radiator or Heated Towel Rail?

Whether you are installing a brand new bathroom or giving your existing one a much needed makeover, there are plenty of decisions to be made. What color scheme should I go for? What kind of shower would look best? Do I need a new toilet and sink? What kind of tiles should I choose?

Another key decision when honing in on your desired look is what kind of heating you are going to go for. Is a standard radiator, designer radiator or a stylish heated towel rail going to best suit the new room? Luckily, there are a great deal of options available, with companies like CNM Online offering a range of styles and finishes in all three.

One thing you should know is that towel rails and radiators basically function in the same way, with water entering from one side and leaving from another, heating the pipes up to give a nice warm output. Even electric radiators and towel rails basically work like this, however, one consideration is that towel rails often would not give off quite as much heat as a radiator, so if it is a bigger bathroom they may not be powerful enough to heat it throughout. 

Both radiators and towel rails can be run from the central heating, and optimized for key points in the day like early mornings and evenings. Similarly can be said for electric options via the use of a timer. Essentially it comes down to personal preference and the size of the room. A towel rail should provide sufficient heat for a smaller room, and the quicker the towel dries, the more hygienic it is.

A radiator will give a bigger output and potentially heat the bathroom a lot quicker, but they often require more wall space and take up more room. Designer radiators are another great option, as they offer the same output as a normal radiator, but have more of a focus on aesthetics and design. They can also go upright in the same way a towel rail does, allowing for a better use of smaller spaces.

There are both pros and cons to all of the different models, so the decision is entirely a matter of room size and personal preference.

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