Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Product review- Sholdit!

I was recently contacted by Sholdit for a review opportunity. After checking out their website, I immediately agree to receive a sample of their wonderful product!

But wait, what exactly is a Sholdit? In a nutshell, Sholdit is a clutch wrap purse all rolled into one. It is a traditional infinity scarf that contains a hidden zipper pocket, roomy enough to carry your going-out essentials such as keys, phone, wallet, tickets or passports. 

Here are some of my favorite products from their website!

So pretty, right? Here's the one I picked!

Here I am trying to rock this fabulous product! :)

You won't be believe how roomy the pocket is! It can easily fit my passport, wallet and phone, how fantastic is that? Honestly, the pocket can fit more but who wants that much stuff hanging around their neck, right?

If you still remember, I briefly mentioned about going on a Europe vacation with my family last month. We visited a lot of beautiful places and seen many interesting things. 

However, we were constantly worried about being pickpocketed and getting robbed since we went to a lot of touristy places. For precautionary purposes, both my husband and I carried a dummy wallet and hid our passports in his secret pockets to avoid losing our IDs and important documents. 

With a product like Sholdit, I can travel with a peace of mind knowing that my belongings will be safe with me at all times! The Clutch Wrap Purse is truly a godsend for women who love travelling and love being stylish at the same time. 

It's very well-made, the material is soft and very comfortable to wear. I like that it is long enough so you can wear it like a scarf in a few different ways. During other times when you don't want to wear it like a scarf, you can turn it into a clutch or a purse. I also like that you can easily access your belongings whenever you are!

If there is one thing I have to nitpick about the product though, it will be the solid black reverse fabric. Personally, I would like the product to be made without the reverse fabric because when it is wore like a scarf, the black reverse fabric will peek through. A quick adjustment to the scarf is all you needed so the black fabric doesn't show through. A minor inconvenience but that is just me, being the all-time perfectionist! :) 

In general, I am still a big fan of this brilliant product! I think the Sholdit Clutch Wrap Purse is a beautiful, absolutely versatile and well-designed accessory. Highly recommended!

Disclosure: I have received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

You can get your Sholdit here.

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