Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guest post- Bathroom interior design trends!

This article is provided by Michael Ryan.

Keeping up with cool fashionable interior design trends seems to get more and more difficult every year. However, that should not put you off from trying to be as stylish as possible—especially when it comes to your bathroom.

When it comes to installing a new bathroom, you want to find a style that not only suits your personality, but that is also timeless. Decorating your bathroom can be awe-inspiring, due to the nature of moving plumbed-in sinks and baths, and the cost associated with a new suite.

Therefore, you should think carefully about finding the best design that suits you and the general style of your house. Here are just some examples of the latest trends that could define your bathroom for years to come.


Patterns are coming back to interior design in a big way. They could be seen on a feature wall in a bedroom, or on furnishings in a living room. In bathrooms, the patterns are likely to be used on the floor or travelling up the wall, and can be achieved with some stylish tiles. Be sure to keep the theme consistent throughout the room in order to make a real statement.

Geometric patterns can be a really great way to help your bathroom stand out.

Back in time

The past is actually the present in design terms, as more and more people are embracing retro and marveling at some early design features. This is certainly true when it comes to bathroom design, with standalone baths, copper furnishings and even antique ornaments being utilized.

However, this should not restrict you to living in the past. Features like a shower pump can still be used to create the perfect balance of hot and cold water so you can feel the sensation of a power shower revitalizing you in the morning.

If you need some ideas as to which shower pump would suit your needs and bathroom, browse shower pumps here.

Wood is good

We might not associate wood being particularly useful when it comes to bathroom decoration (I am sure we all remember what happens when water meets wood from our science classes at school) but in terms of design, it is incredibly popular.

You can achieve a number of different looks with wood. Whether it is a Scandinavian log cabin effect you are going for, a carved and sleek wood finish, or a more rough-and-ready shack look, wood is extremely versatile in the bathroom.

Use it on the floors, or for panels on the walls. You could even line the sides of the bath using the material.

Do not forget comfort

For larger bathrooms, you can be more creative. Instead of just featuring the standard toilet, bath, shower and sink set-up, why not consider adding a vanity stool, a chair or two or even a chaise lounge? You might be surprised at the difference it makes to the feel of the room.

Not only can the bathroom be a relaxing place to sit, using candles and pleasant fragrances to stimulate your senses, but also the addition of seating gives it that extra sense of luxury that can be particularly desirable and unique.

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