Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guest post- Eight Ways To Reinvent Your Kitchen For Less!

This post is provided by Neil Maycock.

Reinventing your kitchen does not have to cost the world. You do not need to get an entire new kitchen to make a difference. Brand new kitchens can cost thousands and there are other ways to redesign and enhance your kitchen.

Before your splash out on a pricey new kitchen and spend all your savings, try some of the following ideas. You will be impressed with the results and it will feel as if you have a brand new kitchen, without the huge price tag. Here are 8 ways you can reinvent your kitchen for less.

1. Repaint instead of replacing

Instead of replacing old cabinets simply repaint them. They can look completely different with a fresh new paint of coat. Try a bright bold colour or go for gentle pastel tones for a more subtle effect. You can also paint creative designs onto cabinets and use contrasting colours to make your kitchen stand out. Better Homes & Gardens have some helpful tips here

2. Create your own tile patterns

You can make your own ceramic tiles if you fancy a DIY challenge. However, this is not the cheapest or easiest option. Instead, try using stencil designs to enhance plain, budget tiles. Add your own creative touch to dull kitchen tiles and give your kitchen a totally different look. Tiles stencils are fairly cheap to buy and there are lots of different designs to choose from.

3. Use clever tools and tricks to make the most of your space

Sometimes simply making the most of the space you have can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Invest in some helpful space-saving tools such as space-saving utensil sets, collapsible kitchen products and storage products that are designed to save space.

4. Get new parts instead of an entire kitchen

If you have a bigger budget then consider getting new cabinets and parts for your kitchen. Daniel at Kitchen Warehouse said “Instead of buying a whole new kitchen simply enhance your existing layout with new drawers, a new sink or stylish kitchen doors and handles.”

You can pick and choose the parts of your kitchen that you want to improve and keep the things you are happy with. Custom designed drawers and new handles can really make a big difference.

5. DIY where possible instead of paying professionals

If there are any tasks you can do yourself instead of paying a professional then try and have a go. You can rope friends and family in to help, you might even know someone with some handy skills. You will find you are more than capable at completing simple creative jobs and basic tasks, and you will feel a sense of achievement after you have transformed your kitchen yourself.

6. Brighten up your kitchen with lighting

Lighting is an important part of any kitchen, it can really influence the overall look and feel of different rooms in your home. You can make your kitchen seem newer and brighter simply by enhancing your lighting. Use spotlights to highlight key areas and if getting lighting built in is not an option then simply use lamp shades to brighten up the room.

7. White paint

Giving your kitchen a fresh coat of white paint can make it feel brand new. Repaint areas that have faded over the years and if you have any white cabinets you can repaint them too. White kitchens naturally look open and spacious.

8. Declutter and clean

You are not going to get very far if your kitchen is a mess and it feels cluttered. You can instantly make your kitchen feel newer and refreshed by giving it a good clean. Get rid of all the old food at the back of the cupboards that you are never going to eat. Save space by throwing away any cutlery and utensils you do not need. You will feel instantly relieved and it will seem as though you are walking into a totally different kitchen.

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  1. All very good ideas and exactly what I have done over the years in my own kitchen! Thanks for sharing


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