Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest post- 5 Steps to Redesigning Your Office Space!

This article is provided by Erica Bryant of Roomations.

With tax season behind us, now is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and spruce up your office space. Follow these 5 tips for a successful, design-savvy makeover month.

1. Switch out furniture

If you have it in your budget, replacing your current furniture is an easy update. Starting with your work space, a Parsons or cross base desk are two classic choices. Both stylish and functional, these desks generally do not take up much room, lending more space for the rest of your shopping list, such as seating.

Your desk chair does not have to follow the traditional prototype of having casters. Try opting for a chic, bamboo side chair. Make this a DIY project, and spray paint the base of your chair a high-gloss black or matte gold. However, if you are more comfortable in a chair with casters, a white leather task chair offers great back support and will complement your new desk.

Extra seating may also be important if you use your office to see clients and if your space allows it. In this case, a settee or a pair of armchairs will fill your space nicely without taking up too much room.

2. Get organized 

The secret to an efficient work space is staying organized. Built-ins are a wonderful edition, as you do not have to worry about buying individual pieces. Choose a designated wall and create a built-in that incorporates storage necessities such as shelving, cabinets and drawers.

A second option is to shop for storage systems. The infamous EXPEDIT shelving unit by Ikea is intended to make your life a bit easier as it offers answers to typical storage dilemmas. EXPEDIT is specifically designed to fit storage bins, magazine files, and letter boxes. Many retailers offer these types of small storage containers in various colors, with white being classic and most popular.

3. Find inspiration

To keep your creative juices flowing throughout the day, align your walls with matching frames holding inspirational quotes, Etsy prints and artistic photographs. Mount a picture rail above your desk to layer your frames and style decorative items and accessories such as zinc letters, a vintage trophy or a brass figurine.

To collect your thoughts and ideas, allow a mood board to serve as a space for you to place all things beautiful. Positioned alongside your desk or hung on an adjacent wall, let this board operate as a collage of your thoughts and beliefs.

And if you are feeling daring, give your walls a face-lift by choosing an accent wall to paint a bright color. Or for a true transformation, apply patterned wallpaper.

4. Re-arrange

Every so often, changing the angles in your room by swapping pieces out or moving your furniture around will give your room an entirely new look. For example, your desk does not have to be pushed against a wall. Face it outward for a better window view and change of scenery. Do not worry so much about cords showing as those can easily hide underneath a rug. You can even pull out a bookshelf to use as a room separator. Align it next to your desk, as low bookshelves can serve as extra work space.

5. Accessorize

Last, but not least, have fun with the details. The finishing touches of bringing in new décor will give your space a renewed life. To create a foundation, area rugs cozy up any space and with pops of color or graphic pattern, can offer the bold statement you may be looking for. Opt for more color with pillows, lampshades, or dramatic floor to ceiling curtains.

When it comes to lighting, task lamps are a trendy option, with chrome and brass being my top favorites. To add character to your space, hunt for one-of-a-kind table lamps at your local thrift store. And for an element of drama, hang a chandelier above your desk, as a true definition of a glamorous redesign. 

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