Thursday, November 28, 2013

Guest post- Simple ways to update your living room!

This post is provided by Callum Morton.

For many people, the living room is the most used part of their household. A space for socializing, relaxing and unwinding, our living rooms can start to look a little bit tired after so much use. Follow these top tips to easily update your living room in preparation for the festive season.

Include a rug

In an area of the home that experiences a lot of traffic, chances are that your living room carpet boasts an array of worn patches, dirty footprints and stains. Replacing your whole carpet can be expensive – a cost most would like to avoid in the run up to Christmas.

A rug can be an easy solution to mask your carpets imperfections. What is more, the right rug can act as a great interior design accessory, making a statement and brightening up even the darkest of living rooms. There are some great statement rugs available at ScS, like the sparkle rug. Featuring shimmery fibres, this rug is sure to add a touch of glamour and Christmas sparkle to your room.

Update your accessories

A simple way to easily and affordably update your living room is by replacing your current accessories. If your cushions are looking a little out of date, hang onto the actual padding and simply buy some new covers. These are really cheap to buy, and you can get them in a great range of designs. Combining a mixture of plain and detailed cushions will leave your couch unrecognizable.

Likewise, swapping dusty old lampshades for modern new designs can instantly update your current lamp.

Lick of paint

Replacing all of your living room furniture can be costly. If your furniture is good quality and in good condition, it seems irrational to simply get rid of it. There are a number of ways you can revamp them, transforming them into desirable pieces of stylish furniture.

Scratched, chipped and battered wooden furniture can leave your living room looking less than fabulous, but a lick of paint can give them a new lease of life. If light is an issue in your room, paint your dark furniture a light colour to brighten up the space. Before you get out the paintbrushes though, start by sanding down all of your furniture to remove any imperfections to ensure a professional finish.Your furniture will be unrecognizable and a great addition to your room. 

There are a number of ways you can prevent your furniture from falling back into disrepair. Using coasters is an easy way to prevent any cup marks, while applying a layer of clear protective finish after you have painted will help extend the life of your newly revamped furniture. By simply following these few simple tips, you will notice visible improvements in your living room.

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