Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sponsored guest post- How To Create A Special Home For Your And Your Family!

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After you have already decided that it is time for you to move out, the choice of a place that is going to be your new home is the next thing on the agenda.

Moving into a new house can be an exciting experience or a terrifying one. No matter how you perceive it or find yourself at, you should be always focused on the positive sides of it.
If you are considering a brand new house, where no one has lived before, you should check very carefully if it suits you. The easiest way to do it is by employing different methods, part of the Feng Shui arsenal.

If you are looking at a house owned by other people before you, then things are a little bit more complicated. According to Feng Shui, moving into such a house means to take after the previous owners. So, their habits, way of life and even fate can influence you in one way or another. This influence will be felt for several years because their thoughts, feelings and actions have formed the emotional aura and energy field of the home you are intending to live in.

It is important to get familiar with your new house before moving in. Firstly, go in there alone and walk around the rooms; spend some time in each room with closed eyes and try to sense their energy.

Then, make time for a deep cleaning of the living space, starting by washing all the windows, floors and walls. Make sure that you clean all the corners very thoroughly. You will remove not just the dirt, but also the residual energies of the people who lived there before you by doing that. And it does not matter if the energy is good or bad, but that you have to form your own energy field in that house.

When you are moving into a new home, whether it is an old one or brand new, it is good to sanctify it. It depends on your culture, traditions and personal view on that matter, what methods of sanctification you are going to use. The main point of this ceremony is to spiritually transform the negative energy in the house into positive energy.

It is not recommended to use any furniture that has left from the previous owners, so it is better to throw it away. Try not to sleep in an old bed or on a used mattress.

You can take time and unpack all of your items once you move in. Clean and arrange them by showing love and attention. Let these belongings bring joy, happiness and beauty in your new home.

According to the tradition, kept alive until today, one should throw a big party when moving into a new house. The celebration will help the newcomer in letting the spirit of the house know about his/her coming and about the new rules that are going to be set.

All of the details about the sanctification are not that important as the main purpose is to simply mark the beginning of a new cycle in your life.

And always remember that house removals to new home will be a special and positive one because of your giving and receiving love in it.

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  1. Interesting and makes sense! It's such a small things that create the right atmosphere.


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