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Guest post- Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Environment!

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Bedroom is a place of rest, meditation and positive vibrations. Of course, not everyone uses it for these purposes, but they really should. The body recharges each night with sleep, and the better quality of sleep and rest it gets, the better prepared it will be for new challenges of the following day. 

Many factors influence the quality of time you spend in your bedroom:

  • Quality of bed, mattress and pillows
  • Room decoration
  • Room tidiness and hygiene
  • Light and sounds
  • Presence of TV, computer and other things that do not spell REST
Choose Your Mattress Wisely

Quality and comfort of your bed is probably the most important thing that determines how well you sleep. Chances are, you’re not a princess who’ll be uncomfortable sleeping on a pea underneath her mattress that’s jabbing her spine, but you do need your mattress to be comfortable enough.

Forget about commercial catch words “hypoallergenic” etc. The best way to choose a mattress is to figure out what does NOT work for your spine, neck, head and your whole body, and then look for a mattress that will be your body’s match.
For example, some people need a firmer mattress, because their body sinks into the softer mattress and they wake up with a stiff back. The best solution is probably something in between a soft and firm mattress and visit website of 

memory foam express to choose your mattress wisely.

Pillow is also very important. You know best whether your neck feels comfortable resting on a higher or lower position and whether your pillow needs to be thick or flat, so you should choose accordingly.

How Room Organization Reflects on Your Sleep

Décor and tidiness also influence how we feel in our resting place. If walls are painted some screaming color or have posters of morbid things, gadgets hang from the ceiling to scare us every time we go in a certain direction or if we just unknowingly chose a wall decoration that turned out to be distasteful, we would not happily sleep in such space.

On the other hand, if the walls are decorated with soothing lines, pretty posters/paintings, calming colors and if the room is tidy enough that we feel “clean” in it, chances are, our sleep will be much healthier.

Concerning light and sounds, all of us have different habits. Some of us can not fall asleep unless there’s soft music playing in the background. Others can’t fall asleep unless the room is completely dark and silent.

Some people have devices that reproduce different “nature” sounds: ocean waves, waterfalls, crickets, etc. General opinion is that complete silence is the healthiest way to sleep, but, again, this is an individual thing.

Things That Do Not Belong In Your Place Of Rest

Many households have several TVs, video and music devices in their house – one set of these usually ends up in the bedroom. People want to be able to watch movies and shows from their bed, so they wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble of getting up, going to the bedroom and getting ready for sleep after the show is over. They just want to close their eyes right away.

However, the presence of TV in one’s bedroom not only affects sleep in a negative way, but it can alsoweaken one’s relationship. TV with its never-ending program enters into a couple’s “alone” time and prevents them from having conversation, expressing their needs, deepening their relationship.

Bedroom should be the most privileged room in the house where peace reigns and troubles are left outside. People who treat it that way have a healthier sleep, body and mind and probably walk through life stronger for it.

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