Thursday, May 26, 2011

My first mood board!

I have always wanted to make my own mood board but I didn't know how. Many bloggers mentioned that they used Polyvore to create their mood boards so today, I gave it a try. Needless to say, I really love it. However, there is one problem. I couldn't import images from other websites despite attempting to use the 'clipper' function a few times. I followed the instructions closely but this is what I got instead, "Sorry! Items from may not be imported." Have any of you encountered this problem? Do you have any idea how to fix it? 

Anyway, since I am very determined to learn how to do this, I created a mood board using the limited items I found on the website and this is what I came up with. For paint color on the walls , I would use a lighter shade of gray using 'Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray 242' but any brand of interior paint with a similar shade will do.

'Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray 242'

My mood board.

Modern, chic and glamorous living space.

Kate Spade hot pink handbag
$275 -

Starburst Mirror
$199 -

Haley Table Lamp
$249 -

Regency Pink Fabric Cushion
25 GBP -

$199 -

What do you think? Please note that all items in my mood board are not done according to scale. This is my first attempt with mood board and I did it solely for fun.

Anyway, to all experienced Polyvore users out there, if you know any other ways to import items from other websites to Polyvore, please let me know. Also, do you know any good websites or wonderful software that provide similar functions? Any feedbacks and suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I've never gotten into Polyvore, but I do like the idea of creating mood boards.

    Andrea x

  2. I think it looks really good! You couldn't tell you hadn't done it before. Love the lamps! xo

  3. I definitely like this mood board you created. I wish I could help but I've never done one myself either.

    Good luck to you! I'm off to read some older posts!
    Cheers Rambles with Reese

  4. I love it, the mix of silver and gold tones, very chic!! Great job I'd say! Janell

  5. Dude I'm impressed. Have never made one myself and now you have me motivated to learn!

  6. You did such a great jog for your first time! That couch in incredible. Try olioboard too.. I prefer it!

  7. Looks great! I am now following you on Polyvore.

  8. I suggest also! Good luck! Your Blogger profile was sweet with your childhood memories! :)

  9. I havent used Polyvore in awhile...good job! Is that a Jonathan Adler sofa? Thanks for the well wishes!

  10. Mood boards look did a great job putting this one together!

  11. Well your mood board is great and I love your style!

  12. Oh Jessie, I love your mood board! That couch is so fabulous! And thanks for this resource, I've been looking for a free source like this... xo anastasia

  13. That is a fab moodboard! Love the scheme based on neutral shades with happy pops of colour! I've never used Polyvore before, but I want to try it now!

    Meera xx

  14. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    Thanks to Suzanne and Modern Jane for your suggestion.

    Jen: Great eye, Jen. That's a Jonathan Adler sofa.

  15. This moodboard is amazing, I love the color combination so much! Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)

  16. Lovely post!! Thank you so very much for the mention of Trina Turk pillows!! They really are amazing and give a pop of color to any room:)



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