Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How To Cut Costs With Free Boxes!

This post is provided by Laura Bell.

Free boxes are one of the most important ways people save on a move. Instead of buying expensive boxes from a moving company, the home owners or apartment dwellers start collecting free boxes wherever they can be found.

What Boxes To Look For

So, first of all, what are you looking for in a box? There are several criteria for good boxes which you can discover if you look in hardware stores or online, you can see that there are some definite qualities you should hope to find.

Thickness is the first goal. You do not want thin cardboard. Thicker is truly better for breakable items. This is the first layer of protection, and while it can not do the job alone, it is critical. This does not mean some thinner cardboard would not work for certain items, but overall, you should favor thicker cardboard whenever possible.

Compartmentalized boxes are a big seller. You can achieve this with shoeboxes inside of a larger box. However, if you can find boxes which were already compartmentalized for a product, then you will have excellent boxes for packing dishes and other breakables.

Last, but not least, you want boxes that look new. You do not want to move items in a box that has been wet. You can only determine this by looking for water stains. It may not be water, but you will know something got it wet, and now it may not be strong enough to contain your belongings on a move.

It is also important not to have a box with food stains. This attracts all kinds of pests and may also invite smells or mold. You never know how long your moving box will be used.  Sometimes it goes straight into a basement, attic or storage unit.  

How Many Boxes Do You Need

Next you have to figure out how many boxes you need. Almost everyone needs more boxes than they realize. That is why it is critical to pack everything you can early, determining that you will need more boxes.  

Heavy items, such as books, need to be packed in smaller boxes, or the load will be too heavy. Breakable items need to be packed in similarly sized boxes. So, you will want more of this size than anything else. If you are trying to count how many boxes you want, start with the idea of one box for every 14 books and one box for every 10 glasses. This should get you started toward a realistic count.

By the way, you will need more if your move is done by professionals or if it is a long distance move. Why? In these cases, it is less likely that you can use substitutes such as big trash bags for pillows and blankets. On the other hand, if you are moving slowly across town, you may be able to unpack boxes and take them back to be repacked. 

Where To Find Boxes

The best way to find free boxes is to go scouting. You will want to check out what is at the liquor store and grocery store. You should be able to ask the manager what happens to used boxes. They may be willing to call you when boxes are available. 

Some stores put out their boxes, hoping someone will pick them up. This may even reduce their recycling fees or trash fees. Be sure to keep all extra cardboard pieces you find. These can be used inside other boxes as extra protection for plates or framed pictures.  

The key is to start your search earlier enough to find the best boxes. In addition to the compartmentalized boxes you may find at liquor stores, there may be some large boxes at grocery stores that can be used for lightweight items. 

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