Thursday, January 7, 2021

Stylish Ideas To Refresh Your Bedroom!

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Not sure what style to try next in your bedroom? Are you bored of beige and tired of gray? Well, there are plenty of different styles you could try that will add freshness, vibrancy or glamour to your bedroom. Here is a few ideas to add some zing to your décor.

Paint Your Walls In A Bold Color

With paint becoming more popular than wallpaper in modern bedrooms, smooth walls are a necessity to get a good finish. If your walls are bumpy, dotted with cracks or starting to crumble then you are not going to be able to get that beautiful finish with your wall paint.  

Replastering may fix the problem, but it is tricky job that is best left to the experts. The cost to plaster a room will depend on the size of the room and the demand for plastering services in your area. Once done though, you will see the difference immediately. Your paint finish will look smooth and stylish.

Freshen Up With White

Another trend that is growing with interiors fanatics is the white floor. Whether it is with sanded and painted floorboards or with tiles or vinyl, the white floor adds a fresh, bright feature to even the darkest bedroom. 

Why not go all out with a minimalist finish and add luxury white bed linen and sheer curtains? A white floor makes the ideal backdrop for Scandi styles, coastal themes or just a great setting for a large area rug.

Going For Gold

Gold is all the rage in bathroom makeovers, but why not add the same principal to your bedroom? Gold metal bed frames, gold framed pictures on the walls and gold light fittings are simple but chic ways of adding a touch of class.

Go for added glam by wallpapering a feature wall with an art deco pattern that incorporates gold. Or upcycle your bedside tables by spray painting them in gold.

Add Warm Textures

Adding texture to a bedroom is a different way to change the style of your bedroom. If you have brickwork or wooden beams you can expose, this is a fantastic way of adding texture. But you can also try hanging tapestries or crocheted decorations to the walls, or using tufted and fringed soft furnishings. 

Think about other decorative accessories such as natural woven baskets and dried flowers to add texture to the bedroom.

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