Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Top Tips For Designing A Luxury Bedroom!

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You spend seven to nine hours a day in your bedroom, but that does not mean this part of the home always gets the attention it deserves. Because living rooms and kitchens are more often used for entertaining, these rooms tend to be the first that people remodel. However, the truth is that a well designed bedroom will help you relax and sleep easier. At Latest Bedding, we believe everyone should be able to go to sleep at night in a beautiful, comfortable space that makes them smile upon walking in the door. Keep reading for our top tips on creating a luxury bedroom.

Premium Fabrics And Textures

Whoever said beauty means pain probably was not sleeping on the right bedding. The most exceptional bedrooms feature supremely soft Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, plush, high-end luxury comforter sets, and sleek, satiny curtains. Want to give your bedroom an extra touch of luxury? Add some brightly hued accent pillows in fun fabric like velvet, faux fur, and even silk.

Pretty Paints

Just because white walls are the standard does not mean they are creating the right impression. If you truly want your bedroom to feel luxurious, consider choosing a paint color that sets the tone. For example, light blue or soft purple walls create a relaxed, romantic feel that helps you leave your worries at the door. On the other hand, a rich shade like burgundy or hunter will add excitement and drama to your bedroom. Not ready to paint your entire room in the new hue? Try out the style with an accent wall.

Fabulous Florals

Flowers never go out of style, and for good reason. Fresh and vibrant, florals remind people of springtime and all things new. A beautifully appointed floral bedroom will brighten up even the coldest of winter days, so consider swapping out your current bedding with a lovely flower-printed pattern in your favorite shades.

Lovely Lighting

It does not matter how beautiful your bedroom is if you can not see it. Once you are finished outfitting your new luxury bedroom, pick up some lights to show it off to the best advantage. Bedside lamps make for elegant accent pieces, while wall sconces add a touch of old-fashioned charm. Finally, overhead lighting is great for ensuring your outfit looks perfect before you walk out the door.

Some people look for a beautiful place to call home. Others make a place beautiful. At Latest Bedding, we believe luxury bedrooms need not come with a luxury price tag. Visit our site for a wide selection of high-end comforters, sheets, window panels, and more. We look forward to helping you create something extraordinary.

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