Thursday, March 14, 2019

Five beautiful ideas to place the Corbusier Lounge chair in living rooms!

This post is provided by Tiffany Lewis.

At the core of its design, the Corbusier Lounge Chair is a ‘living room product.’ Yes, it is highly versatile and can be featured in a number of other spaces, but featuring it grandly in a space it was designed for in the first place is not something that you can completely overlook. So, if you want to feature this unique furniture piece in your living areas, here are 5 inspirations to get you started. Let us take a look:

In between plush and stately

The half-baroque and half-modern designing of this living room ambiance is something of a dichotomous construct. It is not only attractive, but also offers a stately and charismatic aura that makes the whole space feel like the perfect mix of traditional and modern. But the thing that stands out the most amongst all else is the timeless aesthetic and comfortable recline of the Corbusier Lounge Chair. Its simplistic presence within the semi-dark theme of the living room feels very trendy and stylish. You can definitely construct such a theme in your own homes as well.

Ahead of the accent game

The large girth and artistic body of the Corbusier Lounge Chair are perfectly suited to be the accent piece that your living room needs. This image features a unique configuration of sofas around a mantelpiece, and the Corbusier Lounge Chair sits snugly at the forefront while adding some much needed shapely and pattern contrast to the whole space.

The penthouse effect

The penthouse effect is the perfect way to feature the Corbusier Lounge Chair as it is inherently graceful and sophisticated. It can make a large space feel highly welcoming while providing the perfect place to recline and relax. This image features an excellent representation of such a living room layout, where the grey LC2 chairs complement the artistic body of the black Corbusier Lounge Chair perfectly well.

Grounded amidst colors

Usually, the Corbusier Lounge Chair itself is used as an accent piece to create contrast within an ambiance. However, if your living room is colorful and eclectic enough, you can actually use the chair as a piece to anchor the whole aesthetic. Just take a look at this image. The use of gorgeous red and blue jewel tones is highly distinct, but it is actually the black Corbusier Lounge Chair that grounds the whole ambiance.

Understanding the contemporary

The contemporary aesthetic is something of a dissimilar construct. It tales sleek, mismatched pieces, and used them to deliver a wholesome ambiance. This is why the Corbusier Lounge Chair would be a great addition in such a living room. This image is proof enough; with the cream couch, black one-seaters, and trendily minimalistic feature wall, the cowhide upholstery and luxurious curves of the Corbusier Lounge Chair feel like the most statement worthy accent piece.

The idea of using the Corbusier Lounge Chair in living rooms may be a conventional one, but the way you create an ambiance around it makes all the difference. We hope some of these ideas inspired you to get started with your own.

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