Thursday, September 6, 2018

The She Shed: Your Little Space Of Quiet!

This post is provided by Samantha Waites.

Who says only men are allowed to get their own “me room” at home? We, women deserve to have our own place to escape. And, well, the ‘she shed’ is exactly that. It is a place separate from the main house that is solely dedicated to us and the things that we want to do. 

While you obviously need a shed to begin (in which case, sites like sheds Glasgow are going to be your best friend), you do not necessarily have to build a new shed if you already have an existing one. You can just as easily decorate and refurbish an old shed in order to make it the perfect happy place for you. Here are a few ways you can do just that.


Naturally, an existing shed is already going to be in your backyard. But where exactly should you put your shed if you are having a new one built? Easy! Under the shade of trees or right next to the pool, if you have one. The shade is going to shield your personal space from the glaring heat of the sun while the pool not only cools the nearby air, but it also makes for another easy escape from the heat. A poolside lounge is just one great idea for a she shed.

Externals: Landscaping And Gardening

The extravagance of your shed should not be limited to the interior. The outside of your she shed, along with the surrounding external area, could be a playground for your creativity. Think of the area around your shed as your very own private island- is not that a nice thought? 

Once again, how you shape the area around your she shed is entirely up to you. Pruning, gardening, sodding, and even simply putting a path toward your she shed is a great way to delineate between your own personal area and those common spaces in the rest of the yard. 

Select Your Palette

If you do not already know, colors can have a significant impact on our emotions. It is hard to say which colors are going to work best for you, because tastes and responses vary from person to person. Each color will have a different effect on your psyche and your emotions. Some colors will help you relax while others will stimulate your creativity. This article should help you choose which color palette is best for your needs.

Furnish Your Domain

A she shed would not be truly yours if you did not have any personal effects in it. In a general sense, all you really have to do is to put the things that make you happy in there. Some popular essentials include a coffee table, loads of pillows, and of course, a nice comfy couch or daybed. 

The Core Concept

The true essence of the she shed lies in making a space that is totally for you. While not everyone will be fortunate enough to have space for a shed on their property, that does not missing out on having a place to call your own. The she shed is more of an idea than a place. Make it your own, wherever you see fit, whether that is a room, an attic or an extension.

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