Thursday, August 9, 2018

Four Timeless Bridal Jewelry Ideas!

This post is provided by Clarissa Caouette. is finally happening! Can you believe your “big day” is just right around the corner? Well, actually you are probably still running around like a mad woman trying to prepare every last detail and have not had any time to think about anything else. 

However, there is one little thing you will need to decide. And that is choosing which bridal jewelry you are going to wear for the wedding. Do not worry, I am gonna help you out. 

I will give you four timeless jewelry ideas and all you will have to do is choose your favorites. Let us begin. 

1. Crystal drop earrings

Of course, you are already going to look like a princess on the day of your wedding but a crystal drop earring can take you from a princess to a queen. They are elegant and classy plus they are able to complement any wedding dress and hairstyle. 

2. Pearl necklace

If you are looking to pull off a little more sophistication. Why not go with a timeless favorite- a white pearl necklace. It is an amazing way to look both polished and effortless at the same time. 

A shorter pearl necklace can fit perfectly with a strapless dress so that the necklace will be the accent on your look. And then you can go ahead and pair them with a pair of pearl studs or a beautiful ring with a crystal. 

Finish the look off with an elegant hairdo and you will be ready to walk down that aisle.  

3. Shoulder jewelry 

On the day of your wedding, everyone’s attention will be on you. You can keep it that way by opting out for some super noticeable shoulder jewelry. 

This is completely unique when it comes to bridal accessories and it also has a real sense of attractiveness to it. It is retro but also original because these days we are not used to seeing this type of body jewelry at weddings. It is definitely one of my favorite timeless looks. 

You can go with a very bold and detailed shoulder necklace or a more feminine and subtle one. Regardless of which one you choose, they will both look very remarkable and original. 

4. A floral head wreath

Since destination weddings are basically “the norm” now, I had to include the flower wreath in the list. A wreath made from beautiful, fresh flowers pairs perfectly with a Boho-inspired wedding dress. 

This wedding look is more relaxed and will allow for less stress and easy picture taking. 


Your wedding will be here and gone before you know it, so be sure to enjoy the big day when it arrives. Next thing you know, you will be preparing for kids and moving into your first home

Choosing your jewelry may seem like such a small detail in the grand scheme of all your planning. But sometimes it is the little things that stick out the most.

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