Thursday, May 3, 2018

Four Signs You Need A New Air Conditioning System!

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Sometimes it is hard to know whether you need to repair or replace a major appliance. The issue gets more complicated when the items are a constant source of maintenance and repair. Here are 4 signs you need a new air conditioning system.

It Is More Than Ten Years Old.

There are several reasons you want to replace an AC as it ages. The first is that it is wearing out, and every day that goes by, the odds of a catastrophic failure go up. The second is the fact that technology is getting better every year. The newer air conditioners are more efficient than your existing unit, just as new refrigerators use a third or less of the power your twenty-year-old fridge uses. If the air conditioner is more than ten years old, you will probably want to replace it with something more reliable and energy efficient. 

The Cost To Repair Is Half Or More The Cost To Replace.

Depending on who you ask, it is time to replace something when the cost of a repair is one third to one half the cost of a new unit. This rule of thumb comes from the known trend that once you have a big costly repair, you are due for another one, and two repairs worth the cost of a new unit are not worth it. In that case, it would have been better to just replace the unit. Two repairs that are both a third of the cost of a new unit mean it is on its way downhill, and you would save yourself a lot of aggravation if you just put a new unit in.

You can get quotes from contractors for the cost of the repairs. To get the cost of replacing the unit, use Porch's air conditioning installation calculator.

It Just Does Not Do The Job.

It is possible that the air conditioner is undersized for your home. If you bought a right-sized unit, you could keep your house comfortable and do so without as high of an electric bill.

Another issue is if you keep finding the unit failing to keep its cool. Maybe the unit keeps leaking refrigerant. Perhaps your system is generating fumes and debris that keep clogging the filters. In either case, its deterioration is preventing it from working properly. You could continue with all the little fixes and recharges, or you could simply get a new unit that works well.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you are constantly changing your air filters and can not get rid of that smell or aggravating fine particulate in the air, you may need to replace your air conditioner. There are times when the issue is a blocked drain or filters that need to be replaced, but if maintenance to clear those common causes just does not cut it, you may need to replace the air conditioner instead. This is especially true if the unit is generating a chemical or burning smell before spreading it through the house.

If the unit is getting old or expensive to maintain, replace it. And if you think it is the cause of your poor indoor air quality, it needs to be checked out at a minimum, if not replaced.

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