Thursday, September 28, 2017

Traditional Rugs- What Is The Difference Between Persian And Oriental Rugs?

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For many years rugs have been seen simply as an interior accessory, however things are changing and rugs are more frequently becoming the focal point of a room. A rug can add many attributes to your room, transform even the dullest of spaces with exciting and warm patterns. Of course choosing the right rug for your room is not the simplest task, but this post should shed some light on the more traditional rugs and how they can be used in your room.

When it comes to traditional rugs there are two main styles; Persian and Oriental. So what are the differences between the two and which is best for your room?

Persian Rugs

Probably one of the most well-known styles in the world of rugs, as well as one of the oldest too. It is thought that they date back at least 3500 years, although they could be even older than this- it is really difficult to determine!

An impressive amount of labor goes into creating a Persian rug which definitely shows in the level of artistic quality that shines through the finished product. For a truly authentic Persian rug you should always check if it has been hand woven, this will add to the overall effect that the rug has on your room.

So what floors do Persian rugs look best on? The obvious answer is any floor, but they particularly stand out on hardwood floors and give off that real vintage feel. Picture the scene: a gorgeous rustic wooden floor topped with not just a rug, but a piece of art in the form of a Persian rug to create a real classic and warm feel. In regards to your decor these rugs are best paired with neutral colors to really allow the rug to ‘pop’ out.

Oriental Rugs

These rugs are often confused with their Persian counterparts, however Persian rugs stemmed from countries that belonged to the ancient Persian empire while Oriental rugs stem from countries such as Azerbaijan, China, Tibet and Ottoman regions.

To the untrained eye, Persian and Oriental rugs may appear the same but there are some differences, such as the way the fabric is used, the motifs used and other minor details. For example, Oriental rugs of Azerbaijani regions often have frills at the shorter ends. Oriental rugs work really well as a room divider, for example if you need to break a larger room up then placing an Oriental rug in the middle of the room will inadvertently allow you to create two separate spaces. Irrespective of where and how you plan on displaying your rug, an Oriental design will definitely prove a sense of style as well of an air of coziness too.

Whilst choosing between a Persian or Oriental rug may seem intimidating the choice need not be too hard, there are no set rules on any specific kind of rug and it all boils down to the rug that appeals to you and fits the decor of the room that you wish to place it in, as well as the budget you have to work with! For more information why not head over to Rug Mountain and check out their range of Persian and Oriental rugs.

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