Thursday, July 20, 2017

The different types of sparkling glitter wallpapers!

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Glitter wallpaper has been one of the most trending design products in the world of interiors over the last year. There are many different types of glitter wallpaper and wallcoverings available on today’s market with more and more shimmering designs becoming available in a range of different styles.

Originally founded by the best wallpaper place, glitter wallpaper was originally produced as a display material but the designers there have constantly developed the ever-growing range since the year 2000 to ensure its suitability and quality for designer home and commercial interiors.

There are many types of glitter wallpapers and knowing where to find them at the best quality can be quite a challenge. Luckily, we have listed the best glittering designer wallpaper styles and the differences between them all which are available at

Glitter Sparkle Wallcovering

The ultimate for sparkling interiors is made possible with the use of the sparkle range. This unique glitter design is texturized with real glitter sequins on a fabric backed surface which allows for an incomparable finish which you would not get with any other type of wallpaper. The range is available in over 40 colors and is the most popular amongst the different types of glitter wallpaper and wallcoverings. This product is generally used in home and commercial interior designs to create a super stylish, luxury designer finish.

Glitter Holographic Wallpaper

Known for its superb shimmering quality with a smooth vinyl finish, it is a great option for those who do not want real glitter flakes but to match the effect. The Glitter holographic range is a great choice in salons where it can be easily washable or for home interiors to create a less “blingy” look. This product is also a great alternative at a cheaper price to the sparkle range.

Glitter Stripe Wallpaper

Matching the same finish and color designs as the glitter holographic wallpaper, the stripe acts as a great interior feature with the ability to run this vertically (to give the room a larger feel) or horizontally (to give your interior a wider feel). As a coordinating design you can use this with the glitter holographic range to really make your interiors dazzle and shine.

Glitter Animal Print Wallpaper

The glitter animal print wallpaper design is a premium quality product with a slightly higher price tag than those listed above. This metallic foil on non-woven wallpaper is also smooth to the touch which allows it to be washable. You will find 3 stunning colorways in this collection, silver, silver & black which give the product a luxury effect. For those who love glitter and love animal print designs without the insertion of real glitter texture, then this design is perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your interior setting.
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