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What to look for in a good mattress!

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Choosing the right mattress can seem like a daunting task with so many different types of materials to choose from as well as firmness and brand. It can be even harder if you are someone who is suffering from bad back pain, neck pain, sore muscles or fatigue.

Here is a guide that will help you choose the perfect mattress suited for your needs.


Talking to a physical therapist or a chiropractor is a good place to start before going any further with your search. They can give you a proper insight into what is best for body, especially if you are asking a chiropractor. If you are someone with chronic back pain you would not want to increase your discomfort by making a wrong decision.

Keep in mind that these people can only give you good pointers and are not mattress experts.

Watch out for gimmicks

Many mattress companies will market their mattresses as “medically approved” or “orthopedic” even though there is no such organization that would officially certify a mattress as such. 

Types of mattresses

There are plenty of mattresses to choose from, here are the kinds that you can pick from and a few details that will help you make a decision.

Innerspring mattresses

These fall under the category of a traditional mattress. They are most widely made and used. These kinds of mattresses have several layers of metal coils that create the support of the mattress. The metal coils are generally encased to prolong the quality and longevity of the mattress and provide comfort. 

Coil count varies but generally speaking the higher the count the more even support and pressure relief. These types of mattresses are safe go-to because they provide even support and a good bounce which can be a helpful thing if you’re someone that might have issues getting up from the bed

Memory foam mattress

Over the last decade or so, memory foam has become a very popular choice and rightfully so. These adaptable mattresses offer great support and are usually recommended for people suffering from bad lower back pain. Since the memory foam is heat sensitive, it will contour and mold to your body relieving pressure points and give your body even support no matter if you are a side sleeper or someone that prefers to sleep on their stomach or back.

The only drawback is low breathability and heat-trapping. This can be a problem for someone that might be sensitive to changes in temperature during sleep but it can also be a major plus for people with bad circulation.

Memory foam has minimal bounce meaning that if you are sleeping next to someone you would not notice much movement should they toss and turn at night. 

Latex foam mattresses

Latex mattresses are, in many ways, similar in to memory foam ones but with a minor difference. They are more breathable and do not hold any heat. They offer great support and a relaxing, cooling effect. Latex is also, generally, firmer and, since it is a natural and scarce material, more expensive.

Hybrid mattresses 

Just as the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are a blend of two types, usually a mix of latex and memory foam. Combined to bring great comfort and cooling effect of the latex foam with the support and pressure relief of memory foam.

Another common hybrid is a combo of latex/memory foam and springs. These hybrids will be the choice of people who do not like the feeling of “sinking in”.

Adjustable beds

These high-end mattresses are sleeping luxury-embodied, with the best known brand being the Sleep NumberThey are designed to allow you to change the elevation, position, shape, and the best of them, even the temperature of the sleeping surface. This kind of versatility allows you to create your own optimal sleeping conditions for better breathing, blood flow and reduced back pain.

They are combination of ultra tough and practically indestructible air chambers, enclosed into layers of latex and memory foam. It is the air chambers that allow them to be “adjustable”.

Air mattresses 

Airbed or inflatable mattresses use air chambers that are similar to the metal coils of an innerspring mattress. Long gone are the times when and “air mattress” would be a synonym for a lilo that you would take to a beach or pool. Over the last two decades, they have evolved into mattresses that many people use as their main beds.

The best of the air mattresses can provide just as much support as a regular mattress. Keep in mind that air beds vary in quality and not every brand or make will offer the same results.

It is possible to find anything from an inexpensive air mattress to a high end model that is close to a traditional mattress. 

The great benefit of an inflatable mattress is that it is very easy to customize and adjust to your needs and the needs of the person sleeping next to you since both sides are adjustable.

If you are someone that suffers from bad back pain this is a good choice of blow up bed since you will be able to adjust the firmness. Some nights it might feel better to have a firmer mattress and other nights a more “cushiony”, softer bed. Another good thing to keep in mind is that these types of mattresses are usually in the lower price range so they are a good option if you are looking for a new bed but also have a limited budget.

Test run

When picking out a mattress in the store see if you can lay down on it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and if you are shopping with a partner have them lay down as well and compare opinions. Since this is a big purchase it is best to have a feel for the mattress and see how your body responds to it before making the final decision.

Final tips

Ask your retailers about the guarantee before you buy the mattress and make sure you fully understand all the terms and conditions such as whether you are paying for transportation, if you can get your money back or an exchange should you not feel completely happy with the mattress. 

All of these things are very important and should be taken into consideration when you are ready to make a final decision. 

Keep your mattress protected from stains as this will void your warranty. A good quality mattress should have a minimum 10 year warranty which gives you plenty of years of carefree sleep. 

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