Thursday, March 16, 2017

Freshen up your home for the new year!

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Maybe the upcoming New Year has got you thinking about some resolutions. Perhaps you want to quit smoking, get fitter or maybe you want to freshen up your lifestyle. Many people might also reflect on their home and want they want from it in the New Year. Are you expecting a baby, and need to make it child-safe? Are you going to save up some money, to get a new kitchen to entertain in? Perhaps you just want to freshen it up so that it does not bore you anymore. Many people find working on their homes therapeutic, especially if they own the home and it is an investment. It does not have to be a big ambition, and there are many benefits to turning your attention to your home this New Year. By changing your surroundings, you can feel refreshed and happier in the home you are in. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider to help revitalize your home.

Get rid of the clutter

When you are taking down the Christmas decorations, consider taking down some ornaments you never look at or do not like. Clutter can make a home feel closed in and dusty. Be ruthless in all rooms of your house- think about books on shelves, vases, photo frames and old candles that do not have a place anymore.

Think about the windows

Your windows are the eyes to your home. So, clean them up. Use a local window cleaning company if you can, or wash them yourself and be sure to get rid of streaks. Think about what is hiding the view- old, tatty curtains or dusty blinds in the way? Invest in some wooden shutters or some new curtains with an exciting pattern.

Cheap and easy swaps

Your old cushions might be looking a bit worse for wear. Chuck them out or buy new cushion covers if the cushions themselves still have some plump to them. If you are not sure what patterns to go for, you can use online tools like the ‘OKA cushion picker’ to see what would look good with what pattern. Be daring- clashing patterns can look great! Do not hide behind boring colors either; by stepping out of your comfort zone, your home can look fantastic!

Try some feng shui

Think about where your furniture is and how you could rearrange it to better work for you. It does not have to be for practical reasons, it could simply be that you wanted to mix things up a bit. You might consider a small element of feng shui in your room, such as adapting the space above the kitchen cabinets, which usually attracts dust and stagnant energy. The “chi” gets stuck there so if there is a space, put some lighting or green plants (live or realistic looking) up there. You might also consider burning incense in the home to refresh the scent.

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