Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why customization of sofas is worth it!

This article is provided by Travis Nagle.

When choosing products for your home, the first consideration is typically how it looks. For some items like a vase, only considering how it looks is probably enough. But when it comes to your sectional or sofa, it is the main piece of decor in your living room. One you spend a lot of time not only looking at, but interacting with. In this sense the sofa needs to not only work in terms of its form but also its function. From over a decade of experience in the furniture industry, I recently launched a new furniture brand called Medley ( that offers tailor made furniture including a focus on living room pieces. Here is a breakdown of why it is worth taking a little extra time in choosing your sofa, and how personalization can make sure you are happier with it on the long term:


Not all sofas are created equal. Not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of the elements that make it comfortable to you specifically. Two important measurements to keep in mind are seat height and seat depth. These can determine if the design gives you enough support or if you find it relaxing. Take a measuring tape on a sofa that you find comfortable and see what the seat height and seat depth are. For example, the lower and deeper it is, the more loungy it is. In addition, some people prefer fiber (more support) while others prefer down (more sink). Figure out what works best so you can find the most comfortable couch for you. When looking for your own new sofa, make sure that the measurements and fillings are right so you will be comfy and ready to lounge for many Netflix binges ahead.


This is not always a concern, but I have been amazed at how many times people I have worked with need to adjust their piece just a few inches here and there. Or sometimes, even an extra foot either way is needed. Maybe it is to fit just inside a door. Or just under a window. Or they need it shorter so it does not block part of the living room flow. Whatever it is, if you can get a custom sectional that allows for sizing adjustments you can make sure you get the sizing that is just right. Goldilocks would approve.


Most sofas come with a handful of color options and that is it. While this is fine for a vase, it is not for your sofa. This is the main piece after all! Custom sofas offer a bunch of fabric options, leg options, and other details to match your taste and the rest of the room it is on. If you have dogs or kids there are certain fabrics that are better. If you already have darker woods in the space, you can get something to coordinate. Get samples of the fabric options to see them in your own home, and you can always work with someone at the company to get some design assistance.

It may seem a little daunting at first with the options available, or that you are not sure if buying a custom sofa online is a good idea. Have no fear, many places like Stem offer in-home trials with free returns. And if you take a little time to sort through each step and work with a salesperson if you need some advice, you will end up with the perfect piece of furniture for you and your home.

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