Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stocking Stuffers Every College Student Will Appreciate!

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If you are like most parents, you probably thought the empty nest was going to be the best thing to ever happen to you. You likely even had a time in your life that you were counting the days until your nest would be empty. Then the time came for you to send your child off to college and, well, it was not quite as wonderful as you thought it might be. It is only natural to miss your co-ed, and you probably hope that they miss you, too (at least a little, right?). Care packages are a super thoughtful way to stay in touch and, if your college student is coming home for the holidays, you are probably also wondering just what the perfect gift is for him or her. The bigger gifts will likely come off their Christmas lists, but for stellar stocking stuffer suggestions that every college student will appreciate, read on. There is more to life than beer!

Cozies and Fuzzies

Sure, when people picture college, they envision giant fraternity parties and nights at the bars. The truth is, though, there is plenty of time that is spent studying and going to class, all of which can be very stressful. Ease their worries with comfort items, like an ultra-soothing throw blanket (think “blankies” for adults!) for their bed, a mermaid blanket for study breaks in front of the TV, or some super comfy pajamas. As for the latter, go for the “onesie” PJs from Target for a laugh, or holiday pajamas are another fun idea. You can also never go wrong with comfortable socks, as we all know that the dryer eats these with wild abandon. To boot, they are the perfect size gifts for stocking stuffers. Find some cozy footwear and go with something stylish and fun, like the ones sold by Stance. With personalized socks, music socks, sports socks, and more, these are a great way to let your co-ed reflect his personality. They even have hilarious men’s underwear- hey, he might be off at school but that does not mean he is learned to “adult” quite yet. 

Cut to the Chase

College kids are poor, it is just the nature of the beast. So many times the best thing you can do is cut right to the chase and go with some cold, hard cash. Gift cards to their favorite stores would also surely be welcomed, as would gift cards to their favorite restaurant in their college town. Worried this is too boring? Leave a clue in the stocking and send your college guy or gal on a treasure hunt! You are never too old for something like that.

Go for Gadgets

Stocking stuffers are typically for smaller, less expensive items but these days, a lot of the best gifts come in small packages. You might want to surprise your college student by putting a big ticket item in her stocking, like cool new iPhone cover, an actual iPhone, a portable cell phone charger (for the co-ed who always forgets to charge her phone), or an iPod. The look on her face when she opens this will make it all worthwhile. If you are really going for Parents of the Year for all of eternity, you could even stuff the stocking with car keys. Just be ready for screaming- a lot of screaming. College kids love their tunes, so make sure yours can listen to his or her favorites with ease; JBL speakers offer high quality audio.

Super Sappy Stuff

College students tend to be stoic but trust us when we tell you that they surely experience a lot of emotions during the school year. There can be angst over friends or significant others, anxiety, or good old-fashioned homesickness. Consider popping something in the stocking that he or she can take back to college that will always be a reminder of home. Whether it is a framed photo of the family (or family dog!), a calendar made up of family photos for each month, or even a locket for your daughter as a keepsake, this type of sentimental gift will go a long way on those days when your college student is missing home.

Christmas is just around the corner, which means your college student will be coming home shortly (with loads of laundry). Follow these tips for stocking stuffers they will appreciate and you will send them back to school in style. 

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