Thursday, August 11, 2016

Four Benefits Of A Geothermal HVAC System For Your Home!

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In today's world of constantly evolving technology and miracles of engineering, there is always a better way. The latest developments in home heating systems are leading homeowners towards the use of geothermal HVAC systems. A geothermal HVAC system is based on using the earth's constant temperature rather than the varying temperature of the air. If you like the sound of saving money and making your home a better place, read on.

Save Money

Everyone likes to save money, right? Wouldn't your home be a better place if you could spend less money on utility bills and more money on building a quality life and happy memories with your loved ones? A geothermal HVAC system is more than four times as efficient as a gas furnace. Rather than creating heat like a furnace does, a geothermal unit transfers the heat from the earth to your home. This means your unit will consume less energy and work easier with a more efficient process, which translates into big savings for you.

Keep the Peace

A happy home is a peaceful home, full of comfort, safety, and love. There's nothing more disturbing on a quiet weekend afternoon than hearing the rumble of a noisy HVAC system. With a geothermal unit, however, you can be sure no conversation is interrupted, no children are woken up early from naps, and no Netflix session needs to be enjoyed with the volume cranked up to deafening. A geothermal HVAC unit is as quiet as a refrigerator, so you never have to bother with the obnoxious sounds of a traditional system clicking on and ramping up.

Help the Earth

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal systems are the very best in environmentally friendly home heating systems. Traditional home heating systems emit greenhouse gases that can harm the environment and draw costly amounts of energy from local power supplies. All this adds up to a heavy carbon footprint. A geothermal heating system uses the natural heat stored in the earth without emitting any greenhouse gases and by drawing much less power. If you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint, consider switching to a geothermal unit.

Prevent Dangerous Accidents

If not properly installed and maintained, a gas or electric furnace could pose a hazard to your home. Traditional heating systems use a combustion process to generate heat to warm your home. If something goes amiss, there is the potential for a fire to spark up. However, with a geothermal system, there is no such combustion process, so your heating system will be safer for your home and your family. Another risk of gas furnaces is the potential for gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. A geothermal unit removes this threat since it requires no gas to efficiently heat your home. Geothermal units are gradually gaining in popularity as more people become aware of this amazing way to harness the earth’s natural heat. Save money, help the earth, and enjoy a safer, quieter home with a geothermal heating system.

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  1. Unfortunately, they are a lot more expensive, so everyone who wants one cannot afford it.


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