Thursday, May 26, 2016

How textured tiles can elevate your home!

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It is something about textured tiles that just make a room so appealing. Perhaps it is because they add extra dimension into a room or they just pop out as you scan a room when you would least expect it. Either way, textured tiles are sure to elevate any room in your home to make it look stylish and unique. 

Digital 3D printing technology allows manufacturers to add texture to tiles to offer homeowners endless options of design choices. While smooth tiles are here to stay, textured tiles give a lasting and striking impression to anyone who walks into your home. Textures like ridges and bumps or the feel of hexagonal patterns are just some of the possibilities to choose from.  The demand for regular smooth ceramic tile and porcelain tile will never go away, but textured tiles simply give homeowners another option to truly personalize and give extra character to their home. 

How to Use Textured Tiles in Your Home

They really could be laid out anywhere in the house. Not only do they look great, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Tiles are incredibly durable and are resistant to moisture, heat and stains. If updating your home has been on your mind, then consider using textured tiles for your flooring or walls. Because of their durability, tiles are a cost-effective design option. Here are some ideas on how you could use textured tiles in different rooms of your home. 

Textured Tiles In The Kitchen

For example, you can use vibrant tiled backsplash with different splashes and shades of blue and green that stands out from the neutral cabinetry. Remember that you are not confined to just one style of tile- mix and match textured and smooth tiles in your kitchen if you are torn in between the two.
Textured Tiles In The Living Room

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you know that is probably one of the first area your guest’s eyes are drawn to. Make sure of that by adding even more drama to the room with an eye-catching, beveled tile. 

Textured Tiles In The Bathroom

For example, a bathroom that uses a simple black and white color scheme. Combining white herringbone wall tiles and dark hexagonal floor tiles would make a great contrast.  

Wood-Look Tiles Can Be Used In Any Room

Wood is loved by many people for its appearance and durability. But for practicality reasons, wood should not be placed in wet spaces like bathrooms since moisture damages wood. That is why wood-look tiles have been increasing in popularity. While these tiles look like wood, they are actually porcelain or ceramic tiles.  You could enjoy the aesthetic of wood with these tiles and not have to worry about getting them damaged. They could be laid on the walls and floors in practically any room in the house. These tiles could help make a space look modern or rustic depending on the style and color you choose.
Do Not Be Afraid To Get Creative

It can get overwhelming with all the choices and decisions you have to make during home renovations. Remember that one of the main goals while renovating a home is to create a functional and beautiful home. Who does not want to come home to an aesthetically pleasing place? A simple way of doing that is through shaking up a room with textured tiles. It is guaranteed that you will be turning heads with this design choice. 

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