Friday, April 22, 2016

Product review- ShedRain umbrellas!

I remembered buying my first umbrella to protect myself from the scorching hot sun (that gave me annoying headaches) and the rain when I was attending college in Malaysia. Because I lived in a college dorm and I had to walk a good distance to my classes everyday, getting an umbrella was a practical choice.

The umbrella I purchased was a gorgeous bright red color with a curved wood handle. A typical umbrella at that time would cost between $6-$7 each but I decided to splurge and bought a $20 umbrella. I love that umbrella so much and would literally bring it everywhere. And it wasn't even a compact umbrella. 

I even brought it with me in my gigantic luggage when I first came to the United States to pursue my studies more than 10 years ago. There were a few times I almost lost my beloved umbrella due to my absent-mindedness but thanks to my friends and a few kind souls, I was able to retrieve it back. My red umbrella served me for more than 10 years before the ribs finally broke. Needless to say, I was sad because it was such a sentimental item for me.

Perhaps of the love I had for my old, broken umbrella, I started to have an obsession over umbrellas. We already have a few umbrellas at home but I really wanted to have my very own umbrella so I went online to shop. I ended up ordering a nice over $60 fancy striped umbrella all the way from UK and then another punchy graphic umbrella a few years later.

So, when the nice folks from ShedRain offered to send me some of their umbrellas to try, how I can resist? These are the umbrellas that I picked!

This designer umbrella is so chic and gorgeous! I really love how bold and fun the stripes are! The 42-inch canopy has a great 'push-button auto open" feature and fully expand from the retracted position at the base. 

Constructed with a steel frame and ribs, it seems really sturdy and durable. Besides the wonderful quality, I also like the lovely coordinating leather crook handle detail. It also easily provides coverage for two average-sized adults. 

With a winning combination of durability and style, what's not to love about this beautiful umbrella?

I have always wanted a clear umbrella since I was a little girl so picking a 'see-through' bubble umbrella was a clear choice (pun intended). The clear canopy offers an unobstructed view, preventing me from bumping into people or cars. Additionally, the clear canopy also makes for a great photo op! 

Featuring a 'push-button auto open' design, this umbrella is very easy to operate. Overall, the umbrella seems sturdy and well made and the black trim is a beautiful touch. Coverage wise, it protects you from the rain better than the average umbrellas because of its bubble design and construction.

I really love this gorgeous dome umbrella for its beauty and practicality and would highly recommend it!

Don't forget to check out other stylish umbrellas on their site! My lovelies, are you obsessed about fashionable umbrellas as much as I do? What kind of umbrella catches your eye?

*I have received these products to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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