Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to select the right shape and size of Saltillo tile for your home!

This article is provided by Rustico Tile & Stone.

Authentic Mexican Saltillo tile can add beauty, depth and character to any space in your home, from bathroom walls and living room floors to stair risers and kitchen backsplashes. After you have decided where to install your tile, consider these tips from Rustico Tile and Stone to help you select just the right type to bring your space to life.

1. Shape Determines Style

Saltillo tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hexagonal and octagonal tiles add complexity to a room with neutral colors or subdued décor, while rooms with a lot of character benefit from the simple beauty of a rectangular or square tile. 

2. Size to Scale

Remember to consider the size of your room, which directly corresponds to the measurements of your tile. Try large tiles, such as Rustico’s standard 12”x12” or 16”x16” squares, in grand spaces, and choose small tiles for cozier spaces to add more depth. Avoid excess waste by scaling the size of Saltillo tile to the size of your room.

3. Patterns Differentiate Spaces

There are many different Saltillo tile designs on the market. Plain tiles, which come in a range of warm color tones, are an excellent neutral choice for busy spaces. To add a touch of hacienda style, try an authentic Saltillo tile pattern such as Riviera, San Felipe, or Fleur de Lis. Incorporate hand painted talavera tile inserts between tiles for an added statement. Create a visual transition from one room to the next by changing up Saltillo tile patterns.

4. Color Your Space

There are three striking finishes of Saltillo tile to consider for your home: Traditional, Manganese, and Antique. Rustico Tile and Stone manufactures all three types, which can be cut into any of the shapes and sizes above to create the perfect look for your space. 

Traditional Saltillo will add a splash of hacienda-style color to your home. Choose from warm terra cotta shades of orange, red, or yellow to enhance your existing décor. 

Manganese Saltillo tile is particularly effective in spaces that already have a lot of color, as its lovely shades of brown and terra cotta will not clash with existing themes. 

Antique Saltillo (also known as reclaimed terra cotta) is reminiscent of historic Spanish-style homes. Its lush texture and earthy tones will add some Old-World beauty to your modern style home. 

As you can see, the character of your home will help you decide which shape, size, pattern and finish of tile to use. We hope these tips are a good starting point for your journey into the wonderful world of Saltillo tile!

Source: Rustico Tile and Stone of Leander (near Austin), Texas

Rustico is the largest manufacturer and distributor for authentic, handmade saltillo tile in Mexico. The company also serves as the leading national distributor for other specialty Mexican tile and stone including: Encaustic Cement Tile, Talavera, and Cantera Stone. Rustico offers wholesale pricing and ships worldwide.

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