Friday, November 20, 2015

Guest post- Interior Design Trends for 2016!

Is your home long overdue an image overhaul? Are you a business owner looking to give their brand a new direction with a corporate face-lift? Get inspired in time for 2016 with our cherry-picked list of interior design trends you can expect to see everywhere come the new year. It is easy to keep up with the Joneses, whatever available budget you have got to play with, dunhelm vouchers from can help you to save money.

Vintage goods and pre-owned pieces

Consumers love of vintage goods and antiques does not seem to be fading any time soon, and in 2016, it is forecast that more people than ever will be buying artisan goods and antique furnishings. When you shop right, pre-owned pieces need not cost the premium you would expect. Discover authentic antique pieces at prices you can not only afford, but will barely but a dent in the spending budget. Perfect for adding character to your spaces, you even refurbish furniture pieces that seen better days with new upholstery, paints and finishes to coordinate perfectly with your interior design theme.

Extendable, adaptable living space

As housing demands continue to rise, more and more first-time buyers are finding their budget exhausted from a relatively small property investment. But for those starved for space, 2016 sets to inspire as the continued popularity of outdoor/indoor living is expected to take off. Designed to help incorporate available outdoor space into everyday living areas, the idea of outdoor/indoor living is ideal for those short on space, and looking to making savings in their budget, with sturdy furniture pieces that can utilized both indoors and out.

Geometric prints, tiles and textures

Expect things to get mixed up in 2016 as the popularity of geometric tiles, prints and patterns continues to rise. A hot trend in interior design at the minute, you will find a multitude of geometric designs to get you inspired, making the perfect foundation for a tile project for the kitchen or bathroom. Get adventurous with your flooring and walls in other rooms of the house, and introduce geometric tiles throughout your home to stamp some real character to every space.

Natural materials from sustainable sources

Another enduring trend you can expect to see stick around in 2016 is the use of natural materials in every aspect of interior design. Signature furniture pieces made from ethically source oak, pine and maple woods continue to be a popular choice in kitchens, while metals and minerals are also making a comeback. Make sure your interiors are up to date with upcoming trends, and kit out your spaces with a semi-industrial aesthetic with copper, aluminium and stainless fixtures and fittings. Add a subtle style accent if you do not want to go big, with understated lamp shades, door handles and paneling.

Breathe new life into your interiors this 2016 with a new colour palate

Sometimes, all a space really needs is a new lick of paint. If you are on a budget and can only give your space a simple makeover, make sure you invest in some of the standout shades of the season when picking your paint. Rich reds, warm pinks and fleshy, peachy shades are sky-rocketing in popularity, with the trend expecting to continue into 2016 and beyond. The ideal colour palate for spicing up drab spaces, and adding instant warmth to any room.

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