Thursday, October 1, 2015

Women’s Accessories For Any Occasion!

Falls fashion has never looked this good, but as always, it is the details that will make your outfit look like it is fresh off the runway. It can be hard to find the right accessories for the occasion at times, but these ten pieces will make sure that you will always have the right look regardless of the situation. 

The Fools Paradise Necklace by 32.4 

The Fools Paradise Necklace has it all- ease of wear, comfort, and style. Its sleek design makes it an ideal modern piece for a business suit, a focal point with a classic little black dress, and a perfect addition to a festival-ready outfit. Its modern simplicity is what makes it so totally versatile, and thats great news for the busy socialite whos constantly on the go.

Biddy Bye Bye Bracelet by Au Revoir Les Filles 

The Biddy Bye Bye Bracelet walks that fine line between urban streetwear and high end couture, which means that it is a sophisticated yet striking accessory that easily transitions from night to day. The bracelet is subtle enough to wear at work, yet still glamorous enough to get compliments when you are out at night. Considering that urban style has been gaining traction in high fashion recently, the Biddy Bye Bye can definitely be considered the perfect investment in your wardrobe.

The Killaflora Cuff by Au Revoir Les Filles 

For fans of fantasy novels, there are few cuffs that can compete with the fairylike appeal of the Killaflora Cuff. Its unusual juxtaposition of the beauty of mother nature and the danger of a gun makes it a thought-provoking accessory that will have people from all walks of life complimenting its unique statement. Since it does have an old schoolappeal, the Killaflora Cuff can easily transition from a creative professional outfit to a more Bohemian ensemble in a pinch. 

The Freedom Orange Bracelet by KT Jewel 

Resin jewelry always manages to grab attention simply due to its unique texture, but this orange bracelet really takes the cake in terms of eye-grabbing power. Its subtle Japanese influence, its beautiful salmon hue, and its decidedly old world appeal work well with both office outfits and more avant garde outfits.

Surrender Ring by Avoir Les Filles 

Sometimes, the smallest accents can turn an otherwise run-of-the-mill ring into an amazing statement piece. Avoir Les Filless stunning surrender ring uses a cabochon cut blue opal, a unique ring style, and a delicate chain to create an incredible sci-fi inspired masterpiece. This ring does not rely on being garish or gaudy to get attention; its creative design speaks for itself. As a result, it is a ring that works well with an incredibly wide range of outfits. 

Steph Black by AM Eyewear 

John Lennon-style round framed sunglasses have been making their rounds among major fashion runways lately, and that is a great thing. This ultra-flattering frame shape is ideal for creating a more angular visage, and its subtle accents make it easy to pair with any outfit. High fashion appeal has never been easier to attain! 

Predock Earrings by Holly Ryan 

Taking a cue from both chemistry and architecture textbooks are the Predock Earrings by jeweler Holly Ryan. Their geometric, chunky look is guaranteed to get attention without being garish. Conservative enough for high end business meetings, yet funky enough to fit with a punk rock-inspired outfit, it is impossible to find a situation in which these cute earrings would not impress.  

The Radiate Ring by KT Jewel 

For ladies who enjoy a chunkier ring that manages to be edgy while still remaining conservative enough for work, the Radiate Ring is an ideal choice. Whether you are looking to rock a biker-chic outfit, or you want to add a slick accessory to your workplace wardrobe collection, the Radiate Ring can handle it.  

The Luna Cross Body Bag by Sancia 

This bag is not for the fashionista whose goal is to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Instead, it is for the woman who wants to be noticed as the true fashion fiend she is. It is a design that goes with every occasions. Its oversized tassel adds an American Southwest appeal, a flirty kick, and a unique focal point. Its pillbox shape goes against the mainstream trend of Birkin-style bags. Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind bag that is bound to work with any outfit you want to create.  

32.4 by 1951 Ring 

Simple lines often are the best indicator that a ring will be versatile, and when it comes to versatility, few brands can show off talent like 1951 Ring. This simple yet beautiful dual-color Art Deco ring is a perfect touch for a modern outfit. Its design will never cause problem during outfit planning, and will always add that fashionably subtle touch of glamour regardless of the time of day.  

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