Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guess who is getting one year older?

Guess who is getting one year older? I am! I turned 35 today! Well, time really flies when you are having fun! 

Sure, getting older sucks for the most part especially physically which means I have less metabolism now and it's incredibly hard to shed all those extra pounds (boy, I missed my 20-something skinny size zero body where I looked good in absolutely everything!). Now with the extra pounds I carried around my tummy, thighs, legs and arms, I have to be very careful with the kind of clothes I pick!

However, the good thing about getting older is I have equipped with better skills (people skills, cooking skills, make-up skills, etc) and my taste and style (in fashion and decorating) is getting better, in general. I have also learned to be more patient and not sweat the small stuff as much. I am still far from being perfect but I hope to become a better person as time goes by.

So what plans do I have today? Not much. Hubby will be taking us to our favorite restaurant for some fancy and delicious sushis tonight, I can't wait! I have also received two pair of beautiful shoes as presents. Besides home goods, I am obsessed with gorgeous handbags and shoes! These are the ones that I picked!

I have always love the look of pretty closed toe shoes and this one comes without the discomfort of high heels and painful blisters, what's not to love? They are casual and stylish with a hint of understated glam, comfy to boot and goes well with everything, definitely my kind of shoes! Now you know why I needed to get two pairs in different colors! :) I will be wearing one of these for my celebration tonight!

I am fairly easy to please. Two pair of nice shoes and a nice dinner is enough to make me a happy girl. What about you? What is your ideal birthday like? I would love to know!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Jessie!!! Enjoy the day and the dinner tonight! (love those shoes)
    The best way to "age" is to accept it and appreciate all the advantages of how we grow. The future is all yours, bright and full of wonderful things!

  2. Happy Birthday Jessie!!!!! Have a fabulous one! I'm like you, although other than shoes, I usually ask for a hand bag! LOL!

  3. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful night and enjoy those shoes!


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