Thursday, November 6, 2014

Renovating and decorating: Doing it the chic way!

We all want our homes to look as though they have popped straight out of the pages of our favorite home design magazines, and so when the time comes for decorating and renovating them, there are just so many things to think about. From color schemes to what type of furniture to choose, to whether or not you want to change the layout of your home completely, there are so many decisions to make it home sweet home. 

Obviously, some rooms are easier to give that chic makeover to than others and it can be difficult to think up ways to make the laundry room and the bathroom look as sweet as the rest of your home. Here are a few tips to help make changes to your home a lot more fun and so much less scary!

Keep Original Features

We are forever in search of the perfect home and if you have decided to get the contractors in, then you are likely to want to make some major changes to get your house just so. From getting the layout the way you want it, to adding an extension above the garage, there are plenty of considerations if you are thinking of redesigning a building without knocking it down completely!

If you have a house with any interesting or original features then, if you can, keep these! See what can be done to change the areas around them, without having to damage or get rid of them completely and they will add to the character of your home by mixing old and new. 

If you are planning on making any major changes to your home, whether or not you are getting people in to do it for you, then be sure to take out renovation insurance from a reliable company such as Internet Insurance Services to cover you should anything go majorly wrong.

Simple Color Schemes

Once you have made the big changes, it is time to start thinking about the exciting smaller things. When you are deciding on a color scheme, it is so easy to pick out something bright and breezy. Problem is, if you pick out bright paint or wallpaper you are sure to find somewhere along the way that your favorite bedding or armchair clashes with it horribly. Pick neutral colors, pastel colors or even plain old white. It may seem dull but it will mean that you can add color throughout your home in other, more subtle ways. If you really are a fiend for colors that stand out, why not consider a feature wall? This way, you can add that conversational print wallpaper, wall decal or your favorite bright blue to your home, without it being too overbearing.

Rental Problems

If you are renting rather than buying then there are no doubt a whole heap of clauses in your rental contract banning you from making major (and minor) changes to your home. This is not a major issue as there are plenty of temporary options and easy ways to decorate without doing anything drastic. If you can not hang frames, lean them! Shelves are a great help here as you can create a gorgeous feature with your frames by simply leaning clusters of them against the wall. If you want to change the way your magnolia walls look, then use washi tape to create a simple but eye-catching striped pattern on the walls around your home. If you do not feel confident enough to attempt this kind of project, then there are peelable transfers you can buy that look fantastic and would not damage the paintwork – perfect for giving your children’s bedroom a makeover.

Hopefully this will provide you with a little inspiration to help you to make changes to your home and turn it into something amazing. 

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