Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guest post- How to Bring Farmhouse Chic into Your Kitchen!

Cottage style, farmhouse kitchens are all about comfort and easy living – think cozy, shabby chic and vintage. Farmhouse kitchens are all about the charm as well as functionality, bringing life to the hub of your home.

Whether you just want to refresh your current farmhouse style kitchen or you are looking to bring some old-house charm into your new kitchen then these ideas are sure to help and inspire you!

Rustic Woods

The main ingredient of farmhouse chic is wood, the wooden countertops, the wooden island lined with wooden stools ready for breakfast, the wooden sideboards overflowing with recipe books. The wood effect in a kitchen epitomises the traditional look, and the feel of warmth and cosiness a modern kitchen just can not replicate.

If you are really into DIY, you can create your own shabby chic furniture for your kitchen. Otherwise, you can pay someone else to do it for you! Find a supplier of solid wood furniture such as Furniture4YourHome who can supply everything you need from gorgeous kitchen sideboards and cupboards to those iconic spindle back chairs.

Depending on the extent of your kitchen remodel you could even consider using reclaimed wood for your flooring or your kitchen table – a very popular option according to this article from the Telegraph. It is fairly inexpensive, very easy to get hold of and most importantly it brings in that natural texture to your kitchen giving it a truly rustic feel.

Color Schemes

Farmhouse kitchens, although they exude a warm and cozy atmosphere they do not call for warm colours like a living room or bedroom may. With an abundance of wood furniture and timber beams running along the ceilings, your colour schemes should feature light, pastel colours to brighten up the room and also create a feeling of space. These colours can be incorporated into your furniture too; islands and sideboards can be painted in pale greens, off whites and yellows to really capture that vintage look.

Window Shutters

Fitted blinds are common place in a kitchen; add a little old-house beauty by adding shutters to your windows. It is a great way to bring cottage appeal as well as brighten up windows and otherwise bare walls – a great tip is to hang a shutter on a wall and create a charming memo board, using the slats to stash notes, shopping lists, photos etc.

Shabby Chic Crockery

Retro cups, saucers, teacups and plates are all the rage so they are not hard to get hold of. You will find them filling the aisles of Ikea and even your local supermarkets! The best part about shabby chic cutlery and crockery is that it does not have to match. This gives you a lot more scope in terms of shopping –scour your local charity shops and you are sure to find some excellent buys. If you want to create a more designer look, then gain some inspiration from brands such as Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley.

Pinterest is Your Brainchild

Pinterest is packed full of images waiting to be pinned to your very own farmhouse chic board – there are loads of ideas to get you started. Collect pictures that will influence and inspire your own kitchen design, from color schemes, pieces of furniture, kitchen layouts and accessories that have really caught your eye. Creating your own online mood board will make imaging your new kitchen much easier, download the Pinterest app on your phone and you can refer back to your board when you are shopping for your new vintage style, farmhouse kitchen.

Already created your gorgeous new kitchen? Or perhaps you are in the midst of a remodel? Share your tips and advice on creating a vintage style, farmhouse kitchen in your home in the comment box below.

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