Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guest post- 5 Must Have Backyard Swimming Pool Supplies!

This article is provided by Carol Atkins.

Homeowners who are getting ready to open their swimming pool for the summer need to make sure they have a few necessary items on hand. Pool safety and energy efficiency are extremely important and should be thought of often when maintaining any type of swimming pool. Both inground and above ground pools require specific types of maintenance supplies and equipment to ensure they are safe and ready for the fun times of summer.

Assorted Sizes and Types of Floatation Devices - A wide assortment of floatation devices is essential, especially if you have small children or inexperienced swimmers who will be in the pool frequently. Long foam tubes, conventional life jackets, inflatable rings and water wings/floaties are inexpensive and can be used for both fun and safety.

Gates and Fencing - Installing gates with latches that are high enough to prevent small children and toddlers from gaining entrance to the pool are important additions. Gates should be sturdy and must be able to latch securely. They should also be tall enough to prevent animals or children from climbing over the top. Fencing should be added that surrounds the pool on all sides to prevent unwanted visitors from wandering to close and falling.

Drain Covers - Drain covers are used to prevent large objects from entering the drain and filter systems. When debris is allowed to collect near drains and filters, they can hinder water flow making filtration systems work harder than necessary. When in operation, systems may cause strong currents to form, pulling large items towards the drain. A small child's arm or a loose fitting bathing suit can be drawn up into the drain and become stuck. Adding a drain cover will prevent accidental injuries from occurring as well as keeping larger items from clogging the entrance.

Chemical Test Kits - Chemical test kits are essential to the proper upkeep of any pool. The balance of chemicals in the pool must be kept constant to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Making sure a test kits is fully stocked at the beginning of the pool season makes it easy to test chemical levels each day to ensure proper balance. Checking the kit each month and restocking it when needed will guarantee there is always enough on hand to keep the water chemicals balanced and the pool crystal clear.

Pool Covers - Pool and solar covers offer several benefits. They keep debris, such as leaves and small twigs on the surface of the water so they can be easily removed and discarded. Without a cover, much of the debris would settle to the bottom making it necessary to vacuum the pool every day. Another benefit of pool and solar covers involves preventing the loss of heat and water from evaporation. Solar covers use allow sunlight to warm the water without the need for the pool's heating system.

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