Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest post- Man caves remain as popular as ever!

This article is provided by Paul.

As far as interiors go, whatever is currently in or out is entirely of your own making. We are, thankfully, now a million miles away from those dark days of the 1970's into 80's where every house was a carbon copy of the one next door and every room was in the same colors, with the same carpets and even the same curtains. While the subtle changes of the décor have evolved over the years, one interior has basically never changed as far as function and effect is concerned is the man cave.

For those not familiar with the term, the man cave is a house that screams testosterone the minute you walk in the door. This is the lair of the alpha male and despite their protestations to the contrary, men love putting their own homes together, albeit with a more sombre feel than if a woman does it. A bachelor pad is more useful than it is cute, and while the choice of décor will be quick in a decisive ‘man’ way, there is a lot of planning that goes into the rest of the lair.

There will be an area, if there is not a spare room, for entertainment and games. There could also be a bar, yes men still like these in their own place, a media room and eventually they will sort out the general living space and the bedroom. Outdoors is no exception, and even a single man will have a bbq big enough to feed a small army, for when the lads come round with their cans and favourite football strip on.

Modern men seemingly do not have an issue with stamping their male pride into their abodes. This is the new generation of fun lovers who, rather than blow a fortune in the pub, would rather invite their mates around to their place, throw a few steaks and burgers on the barbecue, then relax while playing a round-robin on the Xbox or PlayStation.

One major difference between modern man caves and those of the past is that now they would not be strewn with dirty plates and pizza boxes, the owners nowadays take great pride in their pads and the latest technology rubs shoulders with leather and furniture with high gloss surfaces. Do not be misled and think 21st century man caves are reminiscent of student digs; these are young professional men who like their own space, and want it to be a cool as possible.

There will be stripes, a hefty dose of glass and cool but manly colours such as black and grays. While they will have all the ideas in their head, and can happily spend an afternoon knocking together some flat pack furniture, it is unlikely they will have the time of the inclination to do the 'dirty work'. This is where the interior designer steps in, and thanks to sites such as why not compare these are easy to find in your area.

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