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Guest post- Design ideas for compact bedrooms!

This article is provided by Simmone Vickers.

Since we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, it is understandable that we want our bedrooms to look good. From triple door wardrobes to beautiful laminate flooring; from elegant vanity tables to handy beside tables, a bedroom provides plenty of scope for great designs.

But what if you have a bedroom where space is at a premium? Luckily, there are some clever bedroom furnishings out there that are very effective at maximising the space in more compact rooms, so read our guide and create a stylish bedroom, regardless of its size!

Savvy Storage Solutions

Opt for a select few storage solutions that are as chic as they are useful. Keep an eye out for the foldable, stackable, roll-able and flexible and you can transform your room into a trendy space that has more than enough space for your belongings.

Go for sliding doors on wardrobes to eliminate space issues with doors that open out. Make the bed the central feature of the room and place bedside tables either side but be sure to leave space between the tables and bed to create the illusion of space.

You can also get bookshelves which you attach to the walls to stack books upwards as opposed to buying a separate unit. These make great stand out design features and give your bedroom a unique twist.

Beds with Storage

If space is limited in your room, it is worth investing in a bed with storage facilities. Multi-functional divan storage beds are perfect for smaller rooms, are available in a wealth of sizes and shapes and come with a diverse range of storage options.

Usually, divan beds come with storage drawers at the base of the bed, which are designed to be durable; meaning you can store heavier items such as shoes and books without a problem. They can also be used to store spare bed linen and children’s toys, helping you keep your rooms tidy and minimise clutter.

There is a vast array of divan beds on the market, so there is plenty of choice available. Top notch divan beds are crafted with high quality materials, have plenty of pocket springs (look for four figures for ultimate comfort) and combine practicality with style.

Walls and Floor

Since there is not much floor space, it is worth focusing on the walls, which can be decorated to really open up the room. Choose a bright, fresh colour scheme for the walls so that they make the most of the natural light – a natural base works well with a cool, light blue for example and will create a trendy, shabby chic bedroom.

Painting the walls with vertical stripes creates the illusion of space or you can break up the space by creating a feature wall using wallpaper, which will fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is.

Using mirrors to create the illusion of space in a small room is a long-standing trick that really works so be sure to invest in a decent sized mirror that will immediately get to work, which will bounce the light around your room, making it feel spacious and airy. Use the light streaming in through the window to its full advantage by investing in curtain tiebacks too and let more light in.

Alternatively, try floor to ceiling curtains to give the illusion of height. For an additional light source, hang bedside lamps from the ceiling to maximise space or opt for freestanding light units with thin branches that distribute light throughout the room without taking up much floor space.

With the right furnishings and a bit of creative flair, a small bedroom can be both functional and stylish.

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