Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest post- It is not the room, it is the accessories: Four ways to accessorize your living room!

Every girl knows that an outfit is not complete without the right accessories. This rule does not just apply to your clothing though, and it is not just women that ought to abide by it.

No; in fact, every single room in your house needs to be properly accessorized if it is to make a real statement and there is no room more important when it comes to this than your living room.

This is the room where you are likely to do most of your relaxing. You get home from work and sit down for a night in front of the TV, you invite friends over and chat for hours on the sofa with a bottle of wine.

So, it stands to reason that you will want such an important room to look great.

Try accessorizing your room in the following ways:

1) Choose statement curtain poles

You have hung stunning drapes that match the upholstery on your sofas and chairs perfectly, but did you know that you can also grab peoples’ attention with your choice of curtain poles as well?

Go for wooden curtain poles that will nicely complement your furnishings or metallic ones that will instantly update your room. You can also get curtain rods with interesting pole ends, which will really draw the eye.

2) Lay feature rugs

Placing a rug in the center of your room can help to give it some direction and also tie in other elements of your interior design.

You could use a rug to add another texture to the room, which will help to create a homely atmosphere, or you could use it to effectively round up all of the colours featured in the room perfectly.

3) Hang eye-catching artworks

No matter where your interests lie, you are sure to be able to find artworks that you can hang on your living room walls to give the room a bit more character.

Whether you choose to frame posters to make them a little more sophisticated, or purchase a large oil painting from a gallery, you can make your artwork a talking point at your next dinner party.

4) Play with lighting

The lighting of your living room can often make or break it; too dark and it will seem oppressive, too bright and it will seem clinical.

So consider fitting an overhead light with a dimmer switch, and place a few table lamps throughout the room, depending on its size. Make sure you choose lampshades that are in-keeping with the overall design.

How will you accessorize your living room?

This guest article was contributed by Aurora Johnson on behalf of The Poles Company, an online business specializing in wooden and metal curtain poles, curtain tracks and curtain accessories. Aurora is a writer with much experience in the interior design sector.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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